UPDATE -- Tripodi: Can't release budget! (Don't blame Zimmer)
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HOBOKEN--Fiscal Monitor Judy Tripodi said today that her conversation with the Hoboken Reporter about releasing the budget was referring to when it becomes ready for introduction, but not before that time.

Her second round of comments came only after the Reporter talked to her and then to Acting Mayor Dawn Zimmer about the budget for a breaking news item (see below).

Tripodi said she was misrepresented by the below post and that she agrees with Acting Mayor Dawn Zimmer's stance that the budget should not be made public until the administration has completed its work.

"She's waiting on me," Tripodi said, referring to the acting mayor. "To release any portion of it would be bedlam. I'm not creating that havoc."

When commenting about release of the budget not having an effect on negotiations, Tripodi was referring to the administration's completed budget, set to be release in November.

Tripodi said any council members who are claiming they don't know about the budget are lying.

"They know what's going on with the budget," she said. "This will be the most transparent budget process we've ever seen.”

She also said she may need to take control of the budget from the mayor and the council if either is not happy with her recommendations.

"If the mayor is not happy, I have to introduce it as my budget," she said. "I can't guarantee that the mayor or the City Council will agree."

As far as negotiations, Tripodi said they tie in to the budget process and could have affected the outcome during some sensative points weeks ago, but that at some point the budget has to be introduced whether negotiations conclude or not.

As far as her stance for the city in negotiations, she said, "We would be foolish not to think we have to give some raises up.”

She noted that some sort of raise would most likely be awarded in binding arbitration should the two sides find themselves at a stalemate. -- TJC

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October 29, 2009
paragraph 2: "Her second round of comments came only after the Reporter talked to her and then to Acting Mayor Dawn Zimmer about the budget for a breaking news item (see below)."

Yeah, maybe she was encouraged to change her mind.

Either way, she is sticking to saying taxes are going down.
October 29, 2009
i agree with dfetterman. well, the reporter is merely quoting how judy 'changed her mind.' i'd like to know why!

either way, she was clear that taxes won't be going up, so the teeth were taken out anyway. zimmer was shocked in the first news item by what judy says, and it looks like maybe they had a little talk after it, no? it looks like zimer and judy disagree. at least the story got out, and then they met.

now mason and glatt can ask judy why she suddenly changed her mind!!! does she work for the state or a campaign?
October 28, 2009
This was a brilliant zimmer move. Not only does her campaign get to discredit the Hoboken Reporter as unreliable, but takes the teeth out of the campaign against her by the mason and glatt camps. By having the Hoboken reporter bite the bullet the first time -- supposely misquoting the state officialn -- Zimmer reaffirms her statement that she was not allowed to release the budget. This is theater at its best. Unfortunately, the Hoboken Reporter looks like a real chump.
October 28, 2009
Spin from the Mason Camp:

Dear Editor:

"Where’s the budget? It’s a simple question that the City Council often asked former Mayor Roberts. So why hasn’t Acting Mayor and Council President Zimmer introduced the 2009-2010 budget to the city council and the public to discuss and consider? .

So why won’t Acting Mayor Zimmer release the budget now? Is she trying to hide our tax increase until after the election? We don’t know because Ms. Zimmer is either blaming others or refuses to answer."

Ines Garcia Keim

"There are many reasons to believe we’ll get another tax increase this year on Zimmer’s watch, chief among them the fact the Acting Mayor refuses to release budget information before the election.If the news was good (or anywhere near the hype of her campaign promises) don’t you think Zimmer would have shown us her budget by now?"

Lane Bajardi

October 28, 2009
My take on this is that it depends on what is really going on here. If Judy really said what she said earlier, then talked to Zimmer and wanted to soften her words, then its not a correction as much as Judy trying to calm thigns down.
October 28, 2009
Wouldn't the responsible thing be to take down 'Tripodi says: Taxes are down, but Zimmer should have released budget' and combine this with the "update" (correction) in to a single story. Especially given how heated things are.