Sniff and Mark Scavenger Hunt: Hoboken

posted by SniffandMark


8:00 AM
Saturday, July 13
ends at 10:00 AM
Saturday, August 10


Hoboken, NJ, Hoboken, Hoboken, NJ 07003
The Sniff and Mark Scavenger Hunt: Hoboken is taking place all around the city of Hoboken.


The Sniff and Mark Scavenger Hunt: Hoboken is a dog-themed event taking place in Hoboken from Saturday, July 13 through Saturday, August 10.

Players collect badges while walking with their dogs. The badges are puzzle pieces that make up a historical map of Hoboken (courtesy of the Hoboken Historical Museum).

Two ways to play: Play with your iPhone - tapping along using the free Sniff and Mark app. Or, using your smartphone to scan the QR codes around town.

Players completing the puzzle will be included in a drawing for great prizes. Local shops and online sponsors have contributed great prizes. The grand prize is a very cool doggie portrait of the winning dog by Lili Chin of

Hoboken is the place for dogs this summer!


(201) 463-4341