Liberty State Park Volunteer Days

posted by Ewhite1223


9:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Saturday, November 9


Liberty State Park Admin Parking Lot, Jersey City, NJ


Hi Everyone,
My name is Edward Whitehead and I am an intern at Liberty State Park working for Jon Luk. We need help cleaning and managing the park before the winter months settle in on us and it becomes impossible to get outside to do it. This is why we have sent up a few volunteer events that have specific purposes and things we'd like to get done. You can check us out at this website for more details:
or just shoot me an e-mail with questions about the events. On the right hand side of the event page is a link that says, "view other events..." you can click on that to see the other events and dates for those events over the next month or so. If you want to put together a large group to come in, send me an e-mail and we will figure something out. Hope everyone is well and staying warm! 
Tell Your Friends!!!!! Invite them to help clean up the park!!
Best Wishes,
Edward Whitehead