Victory Over Violence Exhibit

posted by csomervi


12:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Saturday, November 9


William V. Musto Cultural Center, 420 15th Street, Union City, NJ


Victory Over Violence Exhibit

“Working Together Toward a Nonviolent World”





How can we counteract violence in our families, schools, and communities?

Come join us in an exploration of violence and all its forms and learn what you can do to reduce violence. Learn how you can make a difference.

The Victory Over Violence (VOV) exhibit is a youth-sponsored initiative to help young people identify and counteract the root causes of violence in their lives and in their communities. VOV seeks to explore violence in various form and various levels—acts of self-hatred, violence in our homes, schools, and communities and violence on an international scale. By exploring the roots of violence within our own lives, we can empower youth and families.


Presented by the SGI-USA, a non-profit organization working for peace, culture, and education.