JUST LOOKING- art and the act of seeing

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2:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Saturday, February 8
This event meets weekly


Victory Hall DRAWING ROOMS, 180 Grand St., Jersey City, NJ 07302
near corner of grand and marin



JUST LOOKING- art and the act of seeing

Gallery Hours: Th/Fri 4-7pm  Sat/Sun 2-6pm

Free admission

How can an artist convey not only what it is they are seeing but how they are seeing it? This exhibition of works in drawing, painting and photography explores the concepts of looking and seeing. The emphasis in these artworks is on how the artist sees over the importance of the object itself. Each of these artists has created bodies of work  concerned with the experience of seeing; elements of observation, distortion, reflection, movement and chance are all engaged to not only create their imagery but to bring the viewer into their experience. Through these works, the viewer can share in the view of the artists and make discoveries of their own.

 Artists’ Reception: Sunday, February 16th  2014  3-6pm

Solo exhibitions by

Agnes de Bethune: Art in America Painting Series- These large, complex paintings of multi-layered imagery from NYC streets ask the question “do we actually see what we think we see?”

Edward Fausty: At Home in the Woods Photographs- Using a round-format “fish-eye” lens, Fausty creates a subtly beautiful blend of color and atmosphere using stones and trees, grassy hills and winter skies, his dog and occasionally parts of himself to make his encompassing compositions.  

James Pustorino: Place in Space Drawings- These drawings start from photos taken while flying across the US and seek to recreate not only the forms of the land below but to re-construct the space between the viewer above and the earth below. 

Janet Tsakis: Metaphor Drawings- Drawn in part from photo self-portraits and with the addition of fantastically imaginative realities, in these images the artist looks directly out at the viewer, engaging in looking at us just as much as we are looking at her.

Jennifer Krause Chapeau: Road Series Paintings- These works engage the experience of moving through a landscape. The artist sees “ever changing compositions as one travels through space. I am intrigued by the geometry, abstractions and distortions that I see emerge from this experience.”

Leona Strassberg Steiner: Kefitzat Haderech Photographs- from a Kabbalah word meaning a miraculous jumping off point, these intensely dark and brilliantly colored reflective images have multiple allusions.

Robert Preston: Diana Paintings- Taken from online images of Princess Diana in a hotel elevator on the night of her death seen through the indifferent eye of a security camera.Preston’s straight-forward, simple paint-handling forgoes the details and creates an elegant, yet hauntingly claustrophobic picture.

Sandra DeSando: A B = See-  The Palisades Drawings- These minutely detailed pencil drawings translate the rock and shadow of Jersey’s line of cliffs into a mythic, textural world of light and shadow. 

Susan Evans Grove: Used Cars Photographs- With titles that echo the aspirations of car designers (Legend, Eagle, Pathfinder) these steel-backed photos blend the sheen and shape of auto-bodies with the reflected, distorted world they move through.