I’m afraid it’s only going to get worse
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Dear Editor:

Recently the Jersey Journal published the names of those property owners in Union City who owe money on their property taxes along with their sewage fees.

Imagine my horror and disgust when I realized that among those who are in arrears on their taxes are a current Union City commissioner, an individual who is a director of a major Union City agency and an attorney who is the recipient of numerous lucrative municipal contracts.

The question has to be asked, why doesn’t Revenue and Finance Commissioner Martinetti take immediate steps to garnish the wages of these 3 individuals in order for them to meet their legal as well as their legal as well as their moral obligations.

It was only 2 months ago in April that our city needed to acquire a 15 million dollar loan just to tide us over until June 30th, the end of the current fiscal year in Union City.

Apparently the interest rate on this loan remains a deep dark secret.

Also I don’t recall the last time our city officials shared with the public as to what is the current collection rate in reference to the percentage of Union City tax players including myself who are up to date with our property tax payments.

I’m afraid it’s only going to get worse if for example our Board of Education removes buildings such as the former Towne Cadillac Building at 23rd St. and Kennedy Blvd. from the tax rolls for reasons to this date they have failed to share with the community at large.

Tom Regan

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Tony Squire
June 17, 2013
I thank Mr. Regan for taking interest in Union City and throwing light on what he considers "a deep dark secret." I have long admired and continue to applaud citizens who take time to remain involved in community and civic affairs, and I think Mr. Regan is one based on his long record of letters in The Union City Reporter as well as time he spent attending UC Commissioner's Meetings.

Mayor Stack has sometimes said he likes when people present matters to him and demostrate they have done their "homework" and are not just trying to pester or embarrass their elected officials. Mr. Regan presents information which in turn prompts probing questions. His letter is reasonable and well-reasoned. It presents an air of dignity in the way the information is present.

I fervently hope that Mayor Stack takes note of the issues raised and responds appropriately. I further would urge our mayor to work harder toward what he himself has touted, open and transparent governance.

Without wanting to be too hard on those Mr. Regan pointed are in arrears, they need to put their house in order and settle accounts, especially a current Union City Commissioner listed in a major newspaper.

I would ask Mr. Regan as a matter of respectful courtesy to the residents, to keep us informed about the outcome resulting from your letter.

Let's expect Mayor Stack to provide the needed information Mr. Regan informs us and equally afford respect and time for him to act. This is consistent with his own public mailings to the effect that he's a 24/7 mayor who tries to act on the issues brought to his attention.

Tony Squire