Say no to a Con-Con!
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Dear Editor:

I notice that the pretentious potentates trying to take our guns away are now trying to destroy our 2nd amendment gun rights, and turn us into victims of criminals, by destroying our U.S. Constitution by organizing a U.S. Constitutional Convention, also known Con-Con, among our states.

So, the subversive elements who hate our country will have a chance to gut the Constitution to pieces. Their efforts to destroy our country and our enduring Constitution, which has proven to be the most liberty-minded in history and has repeatedly saved our country from enemies throughout history. I wish to urge all Americans to contact their state representatives and say no to a Con-Con!

Ed Nemechek

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Bob Duncan
June 17, 2013
You are a liar, sir. And have planted this story for the "low information voter." Your entire article is predicated on misinformation.
Bill Walker
June 16, 2013
I invite Mr. Nemechek to substantiate even as much as one of his statements with actual facts. For example he fails to mention even one name of those he says are planning to deprive us of our rights. Can he cite one state application where a state has even asked for the removal of any right? Does he tell anyone the Article V Convention, which is the correct term as there is no "constitutional convention" authorized in the Constitution.

Reject Mr. Nemechek and his falsehoods. Go to and read the 746 applications from 49 states. Ask yourself does it really make sense so many applications would be submitted by the states if those who had done do believed it was wrong?