“My Time with the English Tourist,” by Jersey City resident John Dunstan, is among the films that will be screened at the upcoming Best of the Fest.
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Second look at film fest
Golden Door organizers to offer ‘Best of the Fest’ in JC
by E. Assata Wright
Reporter staff writer
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Jersey City’s long-running Artists’ Studio Tour last fall coincided with the second annual Golden Door International Film Festival, which posed something of a challenge for anyone who wanted to cat...
VISIT AVENUE Q – High Tech High School is gearing up for the premiere of ‘Avenue Q.’
Top row: Cliff Boan, Greg Varteresian, Jill Carerra, Daena Engalla, Frankie Alicandri, Jack Haefner. Middle: Carlos Perez, Khalia Rabain, Ana Beliakova, Rob McClure, Faith D’Isa, Cristina DIaz, Kyra Baker. Bottom: Luis Garrido, Julia Small, Max Tamarkin
Photos courtesy of HT Musical Theatre
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Way Off Broadway
High Tech to perform ‘Avenue Q’ in March
by Vanessa Cruz
Reporter Staff Writer
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High Tech High School’s Musical Theatre presents “Avenue Q,” their 30th production in 13 years. This will be the first time “Avenue Q” will premiere in Hudson County, directed and choreographed by ...
DOCTOR AND PATIENT – Carlos Valenzuela, 107, and his beloved doctor, Jorge Figueroa, at Valenzuela’s home during a house call on Wednesday morning. Figueroa said there’s no straightforward medical explanation for Valenzuela’s longevity, but that he believes it has everything to do with the man’s uplifted demeanor.
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Oldest married couple in country?
WNY pair, 107 and 98, still kickin’ after all these years
by Dean DeChiaro
Reporter staff writer
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If you ask Carlos Valenzuela of West New York how many years he and his wife, Olga, have been married, he will not tell you a number. “There are no numbers in our marriage,” he said with a smile, “...
VAGINAS ASSEMBLE – The cast of the 2012 edition of Vagina Monologues: Hudson County. All the proceeds from the play, which was performed three times last weekend, went to Women Rising, a Jersey City non-profit, and V-Day, a global program that works to stop violence against women. Photo by Jessica Siemens.
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The truth from ‘down there’
Hudson County’s Vagina Monologues raises money for women’s advocacy
by Dean DeChiaro
Reporter staff writer
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“Women secretly love talking about their vaginas.” Despite what you may think, they do. At least, according to the opening scene of The Vagina Monologues , which was performed by a group of 12 wome...
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Hoboken Mayor Zimmer talks about flood walls on NPR HOBOKEN -- Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer was interviewed on NPR Monday morning about her proposed solutions to hurricanes flooding in the city, inclu...
Cristina Villaflor
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Worlds apart
JC Fridays art show seeks to introduce downtown, Greenville art scenes
by E. Assata Wright
Reporter staff writer
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The distance that separates Jersey City’s downtown – arguably the city’s largest art hub – and Greenville, also home to many artists, isn’t huge. And yet, in terms of the level of interaction and a...
JASON JASKOT – Jason Jaskot shoots agency models from NYC as well as models, actors, and corporate headshots from around the globe.
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From fashion to family to fine art
Monroe Center hosts photography exhibit
by Adriana Rambay Fernández
Reporter staff writer
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Monroe Center photographers will be featured in a unique exhibit on Sunday, Feb. 24 from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the Monroe Center for the Arts on 720 Monroe St. The exhibit features the works of photo...
FRIENDLY CHATTER – Secaucus local celebrity goose Chatter and two-year-old dog Willow. The photo was taken days before Sandy. Chatter passed away on Jan. 21.
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More than just Chatter
Local celebrity goose passes away
by Adriana Rambay Fernández
Reporter staff writer
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After living a long life beyond the average years of many others like her, Secaucus’ own Chatter, the Toulouse goose, passed away on Jan. 21 at the age of 34. Her life was one of relative calm in t...
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Jersey City judge in Facebook flap JERSEY CITY – Radames “Ray” Velazquez didn’t have much to say last week moments after the Jersey City Council majority failed to approve his judicial appointment ...
MUSIC CIRCLES – The Symposia Community Bookstore in Hoboken offers drumming and guitar circles on a weekly basis.
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Yoga, writing, and music
Local bookstore offers variety of programs
by Adriana Rambay Fernández
Reporter staff writer
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Hoboken’s only used community bookstore, Symposia, continues to offer a variety of workshops and programs that appeal to people of all ages. Since 2001, the small bookshop on 510 Washington St. has...