Has Gonnelli led a Trojan Horse into his camp?
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Dear Editor:

When it was announced that Mayor Gonnelli’s candidate in the 3rd Ward was to be Sue Pirro, I laughed to myself. The whole idea of her running against the Hudson County Democratic Organization candidate Mark Bruscino was equally as comical. To think that the voters in the 3rd Ward would take any of the two candidates seriously was mind-boggling.

The two campaigned on the pretext that what happened at the Nov. 30, 2006 Board of Education Meeting never happened until Mark’s flyer “Integrity Matters” mailing four days before the election came out. The headlines quoted in this flyer merely scratched the surface of what transpired that night. In fairness to Pirro, despite the fact that she does not know or practice the meaning of the word, Mark ought to have called this incident to the voters weeks before the election, not four days before the election. This would have given her the opportunity to defend her actions that night and given her another opportunity to put her foot in her mouth the way she did that night. Conveniently, Pirro has developed a case of amnesia, acting as if it never happened the way the papers covered it.

For information on this topic I suggest to your readers the Dec. 10, 2006 Secaucus Reporter, Dec. 7 2006 Secaucus Home News, Dec. 14 Jersey Journal.

Summing up what transpired that night. Sue Pirro told one story and Mark Bruscino told another story to a resident at that meeting regarding the circumstances surrounding six Board of Education signatures on a Team Elwell political flyer. It was more than a he lied/she lied argument that night. It was like a takeoff on the Abbot and Costello, “who’s on first” parody. You had to be there. Keep in mind, at that time both were on the same Team Elwell along with four other Team Elwell members serving on the Board of Education.

In this Nov. 2010 Election, I got the impression they both were supported by the Gonnelli Team. Sue on the record, Mark off the record. Gonnelli did not deserve to be placed in this position. However, I look at it this way. Gonnelli could not lose in the 3rd Ward either way.

Then again, you never know. Time will tell. You see, now that Sue Pirro, the one-time messenger of the Hudson County Democratic Organization in Secaucus, has successfully infiltrated the Gonnelli Team camp. Metaphorically speaking, has he allowed a “Trojan Horse” to be placed in his Independent Team camp? I repeat, time will tell.

Mark, your flyer was too late, and that was too bad. You were the better candidate hands down.

For the record, it has always been my opinion that former Mayor Amico’s downfall began in May 1983 when Amico allowed Anthony Impreveduto to ambush him into joining the Hudson County Democratic Organization. Word of caution, Mayor Gonnelli: Watch your back.

Tom Troyer

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