NB school budget voted down, Gutt approved
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NORTH BERGEN AND GUTTENBERG – In North Bergen voters overwhelmingly rejected the $112.7 million school budget Wednesday, with 3,219 voting it down and only 644 approving it. The budget will now be sent to the North Bergen Commissioners, who will look for further cuts before approving it.

Surprisingly, since it has been a number of years since residents have approved it, Guttenberg’s $14.4 million school budget passed with a vote of 178, while 104 voted it down.

For both North Bergen and Guttenberg, incumbents prevailed in the Board of Education election held on April 27.

In North Bergen incumbents Elaine Nicoliello, Luis Diaz, and Kanaiyalal Patel received more than 4,000 votes. Challengers Cesar Vega, Adrian Cepero, and Herbert Shaw received 391, 276, and 306 votes each.

In Guttenberg incumbents Gonzalo Perez and Michael Baruch, along with newcomer Delores Loppe, all ran unopposed and won their seats, with only around 671 total votes being placed. – Tricia Tirella

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April 29, 2011
as of the 2010 Census, NB township had a total population of 60,773.

so, these board members were elected by less than 7% of the residents...

April 29, 2011
Tricia, the real story here is how this is all a sham in order to make Mayor Sacco look like he's cutting taxes when he helped craft the school budget to begin with as Assistant Superintendent. Also isn't it a conflict of interest for Sacco, Cabrera, and Pascual - all of whom are employed by the School Board - to vote on the fate of a budget that directly impacts them?
April 29, 2011
Why would North Bergen approve a budget to raise the Sacco clans salaries?

Only in the corrupt cities were there landslide winners, Jersey City and North Bergen. The other towns were fairly close. The polls were a joke in NB where i witnessed several violations first hand. At the fire house location between 83rd and 84th street i watched a Sacco party campaign worker put her arm around several different voters all the while handing them literature for who they should vote for and lead them to the tables and then the booth. Campaign workers are not aloud within 100 feet of the entrance to a voting location and no political propaganda is to enter the polling facility and be visible. So this woman broke several laws all by herself. Not to mention the group gathered in front of the fire house sitting on chairs provided by Sacco's firemen, they also were illegally congregating with no type of fines or arrests.

Next we go to Our Lady of Fatima Church between 81st and 82 st. where Sacco city officials were there to challenge Citizens for Change candidate Michael Kreutzer on the validity of his legal right to vote. Between the stalling tactics of sending Mr. Kreutzer from table to table to find his name on the district sheets, to the ensueing argument between 4 Sacco cronies over what grounds to challenge Mr. Kreutzer, to the ending argument of who was going to explain to big daddy sacco that no challenge was issued, the episode was hilarious. While this Keystone Kops act was going on, Mr. Kreutzer found his name in the book, signed it, voted, and then walked by wishing them all a good night as they bumbled their way through the ordeal. An instant classic if i had only thought to record it.

Saving the best corruption for last, a group from Citizens for Change walked with Adrian Cepero to his polling place located on 90th st. as a show of support since he was on the BOE ballot. When the group got there, a group of Sacco thugs were loitering inside the building entrance. While Mr. Cepero went in to vote, his entourage waited in the hallway standing face to face with the goon squad. All of the sudden 2 Sacco puppets from the board of elections headquarters in Jersey City came in telling the "Citizens" group that they were not aloud to be there and they had to wait outside. The Sacco thugs had no credentials to be there and obviously were inside the 100 foot boundary but were aloud to stay.

Sacco who is still married, has been allegedly having an affair with Kathryn Somick for more than 20 years. She is the school board secretary and he is the assistant v.p. of schools. Her son Steven was at the polling place and therefore was untouchable. Since he takes care of her he must take care of the family so here is the breakdown for NB taxpayers just for the Somick clan alone.

Kathryn Somick Secretary BOE 108,114.00

Steven Somick NB BOE 100,048.00

" " NB Twnshp 13,004.00

Edward Somick NB BOE 89,230.00

Dawn Somick NB BOE 73,820.00

James Somick NB BOE 72,490.00

Nicole Somick NB BOE 39,642.00

Walter Somick Jr. NB BOE 33,876.00


Somick Family Total for no show jobs= 530,224.00

Sacco Multi-title no work salaries=over 300,000.00

The Attorney General's office needs to investigate the dictatorship in North Bergen and the illegal practices that took place last night. The AG also needs to look into the board of election officials and their ties to Sacco. The state needs to be available in mass at each of the polling locations on May 10th to squash the intimidation tactics and make sure that the laws are followed so every citizen can feel safe to perform their civic duty and constitutional right to vote. The AG also needs to challenge every mail-in ballot since it is well known that Sacco stuffs the ballot boxes with people who no longer live in the area. The AG needs to be at the senior housing where the elderly are brought down in mass and forced to pull the Sacco levers.