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Question: In high school baseball and softball, Team A begins the game with a legal lineup of nine starters. In the fourth inning, a starter gets hurt and Team A continues the game with only eight with an automatic out being called when the vacant slot comes at bat. If a substitute arrives later in the game, can he/she enter the lineup? Must the sub enter the vacant slot only?

Answer: Team A has the option of subbing for the vacant slot, subbing for one of the eight players or not subbing at all. The rules do not require Team A to return to a nine person lineup. (BB – Rule 4, Sec. 4, Art. 1, Note No. 2; SB – Rule 3-3-8(d))

Question: Team A has only nine players and while at bat, one of its players is hit by a pitch and is unable to touch first base due to injury. Is player declared out due to vacant slot rule? Can another player reach the awarded base?

Answer: With no subs available on offense, team continues to play with eight with the most recent batter “not on base” accepting the awarded base due to hit batsman. (BB – Rule 4-4-1(f), note No. 1; SB – Rule 3-3-8(a))

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