RECAP: The Real Housewives of New Jersey – Mad Libs
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Okay. We lied: This is not a recap of the new episode of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey.” Eileen Budd, comedienne and Hoboken Italian woman, is too busy to write one for the forseeable future. So instead she sent this Mad Lib. Thanks, Eileen! She writes, “From the way that things are going, you can pretty much predict what happens. So here’s your chance to figure things out using that old chestnut Mad Libs.”

Insert the words and leave comments below!

FILL IN THE BLANKS: Real Housewives of NJ recap

Teresa and her brother hug and say, “I __1__ you,” while Zeppole Joe watches on __2__. Juicy Joe takes a ___3___ and throws it at __4__ who __5__ it in __6__’s face. That causes __7__ to say, “Wow, I didn’t know what __8__ was until now.”

Melissa, puts on a __9__ and performs her new song, “__10__ with __11__” in front of a crowd standing in line to get into Cake Boss in Hoboken. The Manzo brothers come along and tell her, “Boy, that is one __12__ song.” Melissa starts to __13__. Joe Gorga, who is standing nearby, tells Chris and Albie to go, “__14__ themselves.” This causes the whole crowd at Cake Boss to __15__.

Meanwhile, Caroline decides she is tired of her empty nest and decides to adopt __16__. She feeds the person __17__ and makes them __18__ to keep her company. Her husband, Albert, doesn’t care because he just want to go to The Brownstone every day and just __19__.

Lauren and Vito decide to __20__, which makes Caroline __21__in a __22__ way. Vito doesn’t say anything. He just eats a mozzarella and __23__ sandwich and looks __24__.

Jacqueline has had enough of Ashley and finally has the nerve to __25__ her. Her husband, Chris, says, “Well, it’s about time that Ashley goes to __26__.” Ashley puts on a hat made of __27__ and says, “I don’t give a __28__. I’m a __29__”

Kathy is baking __30__ laced with __31__ and feeds them to Richie who says, “We have to turn this into a business! Let’s call it, “__32__” and charge __33__. We’ll get __34__”

Theresa’s kids decide to run away and Milania leads them to __35__. But the people there can’t take Milania’s antics and they put her in a __36__ and send her back home. Her sisters clap with joy.

Greg finds true love with __37__ and moves out of the Manzo boys’ apartment to __38__ with his new partner. He throws a housewarming party which everyone from the cast attends. Melissa and Joe bring a __39__ and Theresa and Joe bring the same thing, which causes a huge fight. Zeppole Joe punches Joe Gorga in the __40__ and he begins to __41__. Theresa doesn’t know which Joe to go to and there is a look of __42__ on her face. Kathy tells her, “ You can count on me for a __43__.”

Everyone starts bar hopping in Hoboken until they are all __44__. Then __45__ happens and the next thing we know the entire cast falls into a __46__. Andy Cohen can’t find them to do a reunion show so instead he has the cast of __47__ substitute. He decides that they will draw more ratings and hires them for the next reality show called “__48__ and __49__”

Tune in next season to see __50__ in action.

Thanks for reading everyone! For prior recaps, see below.

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