RECAP: Real Housewives of New Jersey, Season 4 Episode 10 - Non-Physical Therapy with 'Dr. Michael'
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Okay, so here we are with another recap of the program that makes us feel superior about ourselves and even our families - the Real Housewives of New Jersey. Since cast members Albie and Chris Manzo live in Hoboken, we've got a bit of license to keep following this silly show.

On this episode Joe Gorga, his wife Melissa, and the Wakiles are talking about the fact that Joe's sister Teresa finally agreed to go to therapy with him to work out their differences, even though she doesn't believe in it, feels she's right about everything, and thinks it's "physical therapy" anyway.

Joe tells his posse that he doesn't really need therapy. He says, "I'm the most sane person you'll ever meet." Well, it may be true for that crew, but I hope it's not true of the rest of us!

He goes on to say that he's an "angel from God."

Waaaaaaaaait a second.

Even the Wakiles looks stunned. Now we have TWO guys named Joe on this show who practically think they're God. Didn't Joe Giudice supposedly say he had the best brain next to God? Chris Manzo quoted Joe as saying that.

Hey, guys, having a lot of money doesn't make you God. Especially in this economy.

Moving on, Jacqueline and Chris Laurita are talking with their family about Jackie's daughter Ashleeee. She changed her name, changed her look, and now she has a tattoo of a skull on her hand to remind her of her old favorite club. Let's all agree that it probably wasn't Skull and Bones at Yale.

Jackie says she has to kind of let Ashlee go, let her do her own thing. Chris agrees, saying, "Yeah, give her enough rope to hang herself." Jackie doesn't seem pleased with that comment. Chris, maybe you interpreted what Jackie was saying a bit too liberally? She wants her to learn a lesson, not suffer needlessly. Apparently she's heading to Hollywood next, so that should do it.

Joe and Teresa see the therapist, an amiable man named Dr. Michael. (Two website say his name is Dr. Michael Sweeney. You'd think more sites would be talking about him...well, give it a week and he'll be commanding $1,000 per appearance). Dr. Michael tells them to get together more often, and make the decision on the way over each time not to bring up negative things from the past. Teresa says that soon, they're going to be going on a trip to Napa (along with the Manzos, of course, which has to be the Bravo producers' dream come true). Teresa suggests that Joe's family and hers ride in the same van. The therapist says no. With all the wine, being together in an 8-foot-wide van is a bad idea.

Teresa says they should do it anyway and prove the therapist wrong. Yeah, great idea - the doctor gives barely any concrete advice, but goes out on a limb to say what NOT to do, so Tree wants to do the opposite.

This is what's known as "foreshadowing" to literary types.

Now we move on to one of the most poignant moments ever on an episode of "Real Housewives." Kathy Wakile and her sister Rosie are having Sunday dinner with the family. (Kathy describes it as an Italian-New Jersey thing, but is it limited to Jersey? Just asking.) Anyway, their mother tells a sad story. When she was five years old, her grandfather died. Her grandfather made her mother promise to give her to her aunt, because her aunt had no children to raise, and her mom had several. So her mom said "We're going to visit Aunt So-and-So" and dropped her off there permanently, with her doll.

Kathy and Rosie's mom says that she still saw her siblings. The lesson she learned was not to hold grudges against anyone. She went on to have several children of their own and wants them all to always get along.

This story makes us sad. What some people have gone through in life, whether due to a mistake they made or just through happenstance, is so heartbreaking that sometimes you wonder how they go on - but they do. They have to. Often, eventually they even are able to help others. Good for Rosie and Kathy's mom! We are sincere about this part, and glad that we can finally take away something redeeming from all the awful hours we've spent watching this mindless program.

On that note, have a great 4th. And read about Hudson County, New Jersey by clicking on the web site.
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