Lightning was all over the place
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Dear Editor:

Colombia Park between 44th & 45th and Palisade Ave and New York Ave in Union City was open today during the thunderstorm. There were about 20 kids playing in the rain and lightning for about a half hour! By the time I went out with my video camera to tell them to get out of the dangerous storm only about five kids and their mom or guardian were left. The mom/guardian told me basically to leave her alone that she and the kids were going to stay! This is a totally dangerous situation. Why is a city playground open for kids during a violent thunderstorm like the one we had today (7/18/2012)?

I called Mayor Stack and to his credit he called me right back and agreed it was dangerous and said he would send someone out to close the park - which he did. But why was it open in the first place? And why did it take a concerned citizen to get it closed down? There should be a city-wide rule that children's playgrounds have to be closed during thunderstorms. Lightning was all over the place and it was directly overhead.

Jonathan Cousar

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October 01, 2012
Yeah, but they have a security guard there the whole time the park is open. All they have to do is tell them - if there's a thunderstorm - send everybody home until it's over.
August 01, 2012
Here's the disturbing video of this woman who is responsible for these children as she is more concerned with why I'm taking a video than the lightning that is striking all around her and the kids!

The quick white flickers you see in the video are lightning strikes. You can hear that the thunder comes just one or two seconds later, which means the lightning is very close.

At the end of the video it starts to hail - another danger for adults and children.
August 02, 2012

storms come and go quickly and it doesn't seem to me like the city can run around closing and opening gates every time. people have to use their own judgment.