RECAP: 'Real Housewives of New Jersey', Season 4, episode 14
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Chris Christie in hurricane mode.
HUDSON COUNTY -- Well, we were far too busy to recap last week's episode of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" (okay, we actually forgot to watch it). But luckily, it aired again this week without any new episodes after it. We guess Bravo really wants to fan the excitement for the conclusion of the great Napa adventure.

So yes. In this episode, the 'RHONJ' cast members -- including our Hoboken heroes, Chris Manzo, Albie Manzo, and roommate Greg -- are preparing to head to the long-awaited Napa trip. Even though several people are fighting with Teresa Giudice, Teresa and husband Joe are coming too.

To add to the fun, Hurricane Irene is on the way just as the families are preparing to leave New Jersey to head to California. In fact, she's expected to arrive on the day they are to head out. Gov. Chris Christie is shown on TV telling everyone to stay home. Well, this trip is an emergency! It's important to save Bravo's ratings!

The episode has a nice establishing shot of 333 River St. in Hoboken, where the Manzo brothers live.

Anyway, the boys talk about Albie inviting his girlfriend Lindsay to move in with him in their apartment. What, isn't the skyline view enough?

The talk soon turns to the trip, and the oncoming hurricane. One of the Manzo brothers notes that officials are evacuating Hoboken. (By the way, the Hoboken Reporter website was the first news source to report the mayor's initial announcement that people should leave town!) Well, okay, more reason to go to Napa with a dozen of your closest family members and friends!

Over at the Giudice house, Teresa mentions the hurricane and says, "It means ... a lot of rain and windy, right?" Teresa doesn't get enough credit. Her forecast turned out to be more accurate than any of the professionals.

So the crew ends up in three RV's on the trip. At some point during the journey, one of them wonders aloud if cows "do it." Gosh, their class and maturity knows no bounds. They look up a video on the internet of cows copulating. This is sure an educational trip.

The group stops to camp out on a beach. It's a pretty bare bones beach. Teresa and Melissa talk to their neighbors on the campsite, who seem very nonplussed and say very little in response. They do admit to drinking moonshine. (What is this, Real Housewives meets the Dukes of Hazzard?) Teresa says that Italians call their homebrewed alcohol grappa.

Teresa says she thought the beach would be nicer, and complains about it. Melissa is embarrassed. One of the neighbors suggests that she's really looking for Malibu.

Yawn...where were we? This episode was actually kind of boring, so let's stop here. The real fireworks are sure to start next week, so stay tuned.

Keep reading for more news of Hoboken, Hudson County, New Jersey, and hurricanes.

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