RECAP: Real Housewives of New Jersey...Season 4, Episode 18: On display, on display, on display
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More than 14 episodes, 3 reunion shows, two billion "lost footage" much money am I making for Bravo?
More than 14 episodes, 3 reunion shows, two billion "lost footage" much money am I making for Bravo?
NEW JERSEY -- Welcome to our weekly recap of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey," the Bravo reality show starring Hoboken residents Albie Manzo, Chris Manzo, and Greg Bennett, as well as some folks who don't live in Hudson County. But since the Hudson Reporter community newspaper group is based in Hoboken, we don't care as much about the outsiders.

In tonight's episode, everyone was out of their league. Kathy Wakile was meeting with execs from Bindi to talk about how they can incorporate her recipes into their company. Lots of people bake, and some bake quite well, but does Bindi really need her? Even with the publicity she brings? Well, we don't need to ask these questions to burst Kathy's bubble, because her husband does a pretty good job of it during their business meeting. Kathy boasts that she brought her desserts to an event and all of them got taken. Rich butts in to point out that they were free. Then Kathy says she loves appetizers and desserts, referring to the desserts as a "happy ending." Of course, Rich says he has his own idea of a happy ending. This was after Kathy already told him before the meeting that he should shut up. Rich, Rich, Rich. Shut up.

Caroline Manzo and her daughter Lauren prepare to open "Ca-face." We still say that it's a lousy name for a store owned by a girl who's trying not to think about food.

Meanwhile, Albie's new girlfriend, Lindsay, is making breakfast for the boys and Caroline. Looks tasty. (We're not going to be snarky because this girl seems sweet and it's not her fault she got thrown in with all these weirdos).

Finally, Melissa meets with her producers about her musical career. But that's not the biggest role Melissa plays in tonight's episode. Oh, no.

You see, everyone is getting ready for Kim's fashion show. Kim owns this clothing store called Posche that apparently anyone who's anyone in their little nothing corner of the world shops at. Past fashion shows have been firing ranges for the biggest battles in RHONJ history. Somehow, Kim manages to talk everyone into coming: Melissa, Teresa, Caroline, Jackie, etc.

Before that, Teresa is hanging out with Kim and some creepy-looking guy comes in and tells both of them that Melissa used to work for him at a gentleman's club. But that's not the worst part. The worst part is...wait for was in Elizabeth! Was it closer to Newark airport, or maybe the refineries in Linden, do you think?

Teresa makes it clear to both Kim and to The Creep that Melissa is her family and she doesn't want to hear anymore. She and Kim send The Creep away.

But when The Creep creeps back in, Kim asks him more questions. Teresa leaves the room. Kim really likes to throw gas on people's fires. She's the Mike "Situation" Sorrentino of RHONJ.

Of course, the fashion show starts and the same guy comes over to talk to Melissa.

Then we see previews of next week's episode, in which Teresa tells Melissa what the guy said. The questions start: Was someone setting them up to make sure this came out publicly? And who is to blame?

Tune in next week to find out who's really on display, on display on display...

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September 17, 2012
Where did Bravo dredge this guy Angelo up from;Geez, I need to take a shower using straight bleach just from looking at him. In fact, throw in Kim G. and my TV is going to need an exorcism.