RECAP: Real Housewives of New Jersey, Season 4 finale, part 2
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REAL HOUSEWIVES – Chris, Nicholas, and Jacqueline Laurita at Dylan’s Candy Bar in New York this past spring
REAL HOUSEWIVES – Chris, Nicholas, and Jacqueline Laurita at Dylan’s Candy Bar in New York this past spring
NEW JERSEY -- Welcome to this week's recap of Season 4 of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, brought to you by the Hudson Reporter newspapers. The newspaper group is based in Hoboken, New Jersey, home of Albie Manzo, Chris Manzo, and Greg Bennett. And luckily for them, they weren't present for this episode. So I guess not everyone goes to the Posche fashion show.

But before we get to that, we have to deal with the real bombshell. After tonight's episode, on "Watch What Happens! Live," Andy Cohen played a preview of next week's reunion show. Holy cannoli! Jackie screams at Teresa, I swear on my child - and he's autistic! Hoo, boy. This should be a good episode.

Okay, but back to this week...

The Posche Fashion Show is where the magic happens. As you saw in last week's recap (see links below), Teresa and Kim were hanging out at a boutique getting ready for the annual Posche fashion show. Posche is a local upscale boutique that all the ladies shop at because even though they live right next to New York, there is absolutely nowhere to shop in New York. You can see why this place would be so popular, what with that barren landscape right across the river.

We saw in the last episode that some creepy guy started to tell Teresa that Melissa Gorga used to dance for him at a seedy club in Elizabeth. Ewww. Teresa, who is mending fences with the Gorgas, tells the guy that she doesn't want to hear it. Kim eggs him on, though.

That night, at the fashion show, the guy comes back for another round and says hello to Melissa. Teresa tells Melissa privately what the guy's up to. And who gets blamed for it? Teresa!

Well, was she involved in the setup, or not? It's hard to say. It appears that she wasn't, but who knows what's going on when the cameras aren't around.

Jacqueline throws gas on the fire by telling Melissa that she heard it from a friend who...heard it from a friend who...heard it from another...wait, that's REO Speedwagon. Suffice it to say that Jacqueline tells Melissa that a friend told her that she heard Teresa setting it up, or something like that. This causes Melissa and Joe Gorga to be furious at Teresa. When Teresa confronts Jacqueline, Jackie is clueless as usual. Then Teresa says that maybe Jackie set her up. Jackie for some reason interprets this as meaning she set Melissa up, and she explains that she'd have no reason to do that. She is stunned that Teresa could say such a thing.

And the next morning is just when last year's reunion show was filmed - the one Jacqueline couldn't show up for. Now we know why! The mystery is revealed! Jackie was just soooo hurt. Just like when Teresa didn't call her every day to go over what was and wasn't true in the tabs.

At the end of this season finale, Bravo tells us what's happening with all the castmates now. Albie has broken up with his girlfriend. Maybe she found out she was dating a guy who sells water.

Lauren, who butts into conversations just like Greg, in order to prove she's part of the family and all, is doing well with Cafface (oh, so that's how you spell it.) If that's so, then why does their web page just say "COMING SOON"?

Theresa hasn't spoken to her brother since the fashion show. Wow, a rumor really can make its way around the world while the truth is lacing up its high-heeled boots!

And by the way, Joe Giudice has still not explained the weird phone call in Napa. Or has he?

Tune in next week. For past recaps, see below. To find out more of what's happening in Hudson County, N.J., including Hoboken, Jersey City, and neighboring towns, come back here to throughout the week.
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September 24, 2012
Teresa DID not set you up Melissa!! Grow up!! She told you in bathroom what was said, she told Kim she didn't want to hear it! You are family.

What's wrong w/u and everyone else! You want to hurt her and be center of attention. Good grief. Get a life!!

Tired of your childish behavior!!

Stay strong Teresa ,