Elections mean nothing if you’re not safe in your home
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Dear Editor:

Thank you Mayor Zimmer, for supporting say no, to No. 2, in reference to rental property. This statement and request could mean a total nightmare for Hoboken renters and property owners. Hopefully, our voting population is astute, in reference to the questions and the potential danger to Hoboken Real Estate, should this bill be approved. This request brought so many nightmares of unsavory characters to our shore, that I have been concentrating on this issue, although, I do see where changing our votes to November and having no runoff could be a powerful motive for election manipulation.

I, also, see where it could result in lawsuits galore. We are not the federal government, with senators and electoral votes. Convincing a third party to run, could totally skew the election and then the people would not get the government they want, but the government that was manipulated for them. Oh well! I just wanted to say, Thank you, and I am off on a subject.

Elections, politics, presidents and mayors mean nothing if we are not safe in our home.

Bonnie Toadvyn

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November 25, 2012
The biggest inducement to "manipulating our elections" is holding them in April (for BOE) and May for mayor and council where the lower turnouts make the well-entrenched machinery of vote-buying much more influential.

And you know it, Bonnie.

The objective of moving the elections was not to give people more time in office. It was to offset the influence of the ongoing criminal enterprise to pay people to vote by VBM and at the polls and then list them as "campaign workers" on ELEC reports. Quit pretending that doesn't happen or resign yourself to being nothing more than a squeaky wheel on behalf of the Russo/Raia election fraud committee. Tim Occhipinti listed 575 paid "workers" in 2010 and got a total of 1240 votes. It's beyond insulting to deny it.

Could you try being honest for 5 minutes if you must write a letter to the editor every few weeks?