Permit me to explain
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Dear Editor:

Even a broken clock is right twice a day, depending upon time of day you look at it. I draw on this analogy to illustrate the jousting that transpired between Councilman Constantino and resident Tom Roarty at the Jan 22, 2013 council meeting. Permit me to explain.

For the record, my personal opinion, Tom Roarty is a cuckoo clock if there ever was one. However, in this confrontation with Councilman Constantino over the councilman residency, was/is a legitimate question. The spin Mayor Gonnelli, and Councilman Constantino, in their attempt to make Constantino a victim, in essence accusing Roarty of crossing the line with his questioning Constantino residency was pure dram. Roarty did not bring up Constantinos personal problems, they did!

Fortunately for Mayor Gonnelli and Councilman Constantino I was home fighting a case of the flu. However , my not being in attendance was unfortunate for Roarty. If I had been in attendance I would have defended Roarty’s position that night. I operate on the premise what is right, not who is right. Mr. Roarty had every right in question Constantino residency.

I will have more to say at the next council meeting. Until then, I suggest your readers view the Jan, 22 council meeting on Cable 36. I enthusiastically look forward to the local papers reporting of the Jan 22 meeting.

Tom Troyer

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