Question about firefighter money
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To the Editor:
I’ve since recycled the Jan. 21 issue in which this article was originally published and was unable to locate it online. I am therefore citing the article from recollection.

I read that Bayonne will be using an approximate $2,500,000 grant to hire 18 additional firefighters and cover their payroll and associated costs for two years. My question is, how will these costs be covered once the funds are used up? Our yearly taxes will need to be raised by an equivalent amount, since I find it very unlikely that these jobs will be eliminated once the funding dries up. Question: are they really necessary anyway or are there alternate uses for this grant?

Great deal for the politicos as not only will they have 18 firefighters’ votes, but with the multiplier effects of family and friends, a minimum of 200 guaranteed votes. Quite significant with Bayonne’s rather small voter base. And do you think the administration would jeopardize these votes by bucking the local firefighter’s union?


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