Desperate candidates do desperate things
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Dear Editor:

It is appalling and defamatory for the Fulop campaign to use ads depicting Mayor Healy in a negative fashion concerning the investigation in 2009 where in fact unfortunately certain officials were involved in wrongdoing. Can we blame the president or the governor if in fact their cabinet members commit a transgression? Why does this ridiculous ad not show the section when the mayor states that he is in favor of whatever is beneficial to the city and that the developer would need to follow the procedures with the Planning/Zoning Boards?

Further, someone should advise Mr. Fulop that having a great deal of money cannot buy an election and the signs do not vote, people vote.

There is an adage, you can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time but the Fulop campaign is fooling no one and there will be a mandate by, for and of the people for Mayor Healy on May 14.

Robert B. Knapp

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