Little League Scores
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WIZARDS WIN—The Jewish Community Center of Bayonne’s Junior Division Indoor Soccer Bronze Medal winners (l.-r.) Matt Miceli, T.J. Wolf, Kyle O’Hara, Danny Reyes, Nate Cintron, Victor Mendolaro, and Michael Egan.
WIZARDS WIN—The Jewish Community Center of Bayonne’s Junior Division Indoor Soccer Bronze Medal winners (l.-r.) Matt Miceli, T.J. Wolf, Kyle O’Hara, Danny Reyes, Nate Cintron, Victor Mendolaro, and Michael Egan.

Senior Minor League, April 24

Perrucci (3-1) 15 Towers Electric (1-3) 4

Perrucci: Daniel Auriemma-triple and double, Mike Lee-single, Christian Hilburn-triple, double, and single, Nick Lucia-double and single, Chris Osononko-double and single Aryell Aquino-double, Anthony Lucia-single

Towers: Julian Ortiz-2 singles, Chris Bermudez-triple, Anthony Gallardo-triple and single , Tyler Young-triple

Perrucci 15 Towers Electric 4

Major League

Unico 16 Big Apple 6

Unico: James Johnson-2 singles, Ben Dunlap-homer and single, Chris Lozano-2 singles, Zamar Brake-double and single, Robert Jones-2 singles, Zack Brake-2 singles and a double, John Dugan-double, Marcus Torres-single

Big Apple: Dane Lucarelli-single, Jared Dias-double, Mike Gray-double and single, Steve Racki-single, Gene Coppola-single, Greg Van Sant-single

Attisano 7 Hudacko's 2

Attisano: James Ashe-double, Thomas Cotter-triple and single, Dylan Quinn-single, Glenn Bandinelli-single

Hudacko's: John Buckland-single, Frankie Voulo-single

Unico 15 Mona Lisa 7

Unico: John Dugan-5 for 5, 2 homers, double, and 2 singles, Ben Dunlap-homer and double, James Johnson-single, Chris Lozano-double, and single, Zamar Brake-double and single, Zack Brake-3 singles, Marcus Rivera-single, Anthony Dominquez-double

Mona Lisa: Johnny O'Brien-double and 2 singles, Zack Balint-single, Destin Booker-double, Adam Losonczy-2 singles, Jeremy Marion-triple, Eric Fonseca-double

Big Apple 10 Mackenzie 1

Big Apple: Steve Racki-single, Jared Dias-2 doubles and single, Antony Minotto-2 singles, Dylan Yeung-double and 2 singles

Mackenzie: single, Carlos Miranda-single, Dylan Porcelli-double

Mona Lisa 12 Attisano 7

Mona Lisa: Johnnie O'Brien-2 singles, Zack Balint-double and single, Destin Booker-2 doubles, Adam Losonczy-double and 2 singles, Jeremy Marion-single, Frank Bare-single, Eric Fonseca-single, Ahmad Moosh-single, Jack Daly-single

Attisano: Landon Paradine-double, James Ashe-single and 2 doubles, Thomas Cotter-single, Stephon Taylor-single

Hudacko's 15 J & J 0

Hudacko's: Joey Vuolo-double and single, Edmund Broderick-double and single, Chris Otero-double and single, Frankie Vuolo-grand slam homer and single, John Buckland-2 singles, Joshua Perez-double, Tyler Vitale-double, Allen Mc Comb-double

J & J: Anthony Barrera-triple, John Lynch-double

Standings: Hudacko's 9-1, Unico 7-2, Big Apple 6-4, Attisano 4-4, Mackenzie 3-5, Mona Lisa 2-7, J & J Printing 0-8

Major League, April 27

Hudacko's (10-1) 11 Mona Lisa (2-8) 8

Hudacko's: Joey Vuolo-homer and 3 singles, Chris Otero-2 doubles, Frankie Vuolo-3 singles, Joaquin Carioso-double,

Mona Lisa: Johnny O'Brien-2 singles, Zack Balint-double and single, Destin Booker-2 homers (1 oveer the fence and 1 inside the park and a single; Adam Losonczy-single, Eric Fonseca-single, Jack Daly-double and single

Unico (8-2) 11 Attisano (4-5) 5

Unico: John Duggan-single, Ben Dunlap-double and 3 singles, Chris Lozano-triple and 2 singles, Zamar Brake-triple and single, Zack Brake-triple and single, DC Crincoli-single, Anthony Dominquez-single

Attisano: James Ashe-single, Thomas Cotter-double amd 3 singles, Mike Lojewski-single, Brian Cotter-single, Stephon Taylor-single

Junior Minor League, April 27

Kuhl's (6-1) 10 Houlihan's 9

Kuhl's: Avery Powell-2 doubles and a single, Ian Malone- 4 for 4 (inside the park homer, double and 2 singles), Nick Rodriquez-triple and single, Nick Zutic-3 singles, Jason Riener-single

Houlihan's: Jeff Van Sant-triple, double, and single, Gabe Morales-2 triples, Brandon Monto-single

Bielan Law (2-4) 5 Tarantino (5-2) 0

Bielan: Braedan Cotter-triple and double, Jerome Edwards-double, Ryan Coppola-single

Tarantino: Mike Pellegrino-single

Classic (6-1) 8 Borker (0-7) 4

Classic: Randy Leonardo-triple and 2 singles, Braden Dunlap-single Avery Jenkins- single and triple, Jake Barrera-inside the park homer, Niko Sanchez-single

Borker: Joe Sims-2 double, Terrence Boyle-double

Senior Minor League, April 28

Perrucci (4-1) 15 Towers Electric (1-4) 9

Perrucci: Mikey Lee-single, Aryell Aquino-2 singles, Daniel Auriemma-2 singles, Christian Hilburn-single, Brandon Wright-single, Anthony Orlando-single, Poalo Pasquli-triple and single, Chris Osonko-single

Towers: Kenny Vaca-2 inside the park homers, Tyler Young-3 singles, David Hernandez-single, Christian Bermudez-single, Ryan Ballance-single

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