Heartfelt thanks
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To the Editor:

My heartfelt thanks to the tech from the air conditioning department of PS&G “Worry Free” area who came on July 18 after my third call to PSE&G. This day was also the hottest day of the prolonged heat wave and my home registered 99 degrees. The other two techs came and briefly checked the unit, told me it was running and could find nothing wrong. They did add Freon, but that made no difference in the proper working of the unit. I tried to tell them that I have used the unit for more than 15 years and I knew that while it was running it was not doing so 100 percent in all areas. This made no difference. They left and my unit still was not right.

On July 18 the new tech came, heard what I had to say, checked every part of the unit, then checked the thermostat completely and saw that it was not working properly. He replaced it and the unit went on, and air came forth. The tech advised me it would take some time for all the heat which had accumulated in my home to reduce to the 78 degree temperature I requested, and if it did not work right after that or not at all to call “Worry Free” again.

Thank you for being a great tech and saving my life.


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