UPDATED: Associated Press covers Hoboken 'ethnic cleansing' story....sort of
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GET THE MEMO? The Associated Press is covering the Hoboken "ethnic cleansing" controversy.
GET THE MEMO? The Associated Press is covering the Hoboken "ethnic cleansing" controversy.
HOBOKEN -- Hoboken politics are interesting...and complicated.

On Friday, the Associated Press covered the story that was reported on the cover of the Hoboken Reporter two weeks ago, about state Assembly candidate and Hoboken Housing Authority Executive Director Carmelo Garcia filing a lawsuit accusing Mayor Dawn Zimmer's administration of "ethnic cleansing."

Garcia and his allies have been at odds with the Zimmer administration, whose allies have the majority on the unpaid housing board of commissioners that oversees Garcia's job.

Garcia runs the federally subsidized housing projects in Hoboken.

The two factions have been part of a power struggle over the future of the projects. Garcia has promoted his "Vision 20/20" plan to demolish and rebuild part of the projects. Zimmer's allies have wanted more details of the plan, and are concerned about Garcia having control over all of the lucrative contracts.

The power struggle has become so heated that Garcia taped a lunch he had with Zimmer's husband, Stan Grossbard, earlier this year. Garcia has been trying to prove that the Zimmer administration is interfering in his work, giving positions to cronies, and trying to keep minorities out of power positions.

Two weeks ago, the controversy ramped up when he filed a lawsuit making the accusation of "ethnic cleansing" in Hoboken, among others.

Friday, the Associated Press published a small story on the controversy. In their initial version of the story, they noted incorrectly, "Housing director Carmelo Garcia is challenging a plan to destroy dilapidated public housing and give residents vouchers to relocate."

The AP later removed that line, and in some news outlets, replaced the story with a more detailed version.

To read the Reporter's story on the controversy, click HERE.

To read the AP story, which appeared in the Wall Street Journal, among other places, click here.

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Lisa Richardson
September 02, 2013
I agree that everything in this town is a political struggle but what I don't understand is why there is so much time spent trying to create a city council satellite office at the HHA. We have parking issues that prevent people from coming here to spend money we have tons of vacant storefronts we have high taxes and schools that aren't performing where they should there are probably a hundred great initiatives to work on..yet the mayor and city council have all this time to spend at HHA. To me it seems the politics of this came from outside HHA with an agenda not the other way around. I believe Carmelo Garcia is legit wants to create better housing and quality of life for residents. I believe the payoff he seeks is the satisfaction of seeing both of those come to reality. I stand with many raised in hob and from outside, white black Latino, who are in total support of mr Garcia and what he stands for.
August 31, 2013
Although every story here in Hoboken politics is a "power struggle" according to the editor, there's far more to it none of which makes this story about another story.

Carmelo Garcia lost the majority of the HHA a while back. If it was simply a power struggle it would be over, he can be terminated immediately as a contractor at the HHA, end of story.

This "power struggle" is not about the Vision 20/20 plan without a plan. It's about the attempt to rotate in new professionals for legal counsel and auditor.

Garcia made the simple rotation a death match and continues to do so. Hudson Reporter has the transcript. Where does it show in Carmelo Garcia's secret tape recording anyone traded on anything or attempted to - other than Carmelo Garcia himself?

The power struggle is not over Vision 20/20. Garcia hasn't produced a redevelopment plan. All he has is a three year concept brochure. Didn't stop him from trying to get a PILOT and phase one approved past midnight at a City Council meeting with no notice to the public.

Carmelo Garcia accuses the mayor of having a competing Vision 20/20 plan. It's claimed right in the lawsuit. Where is it?

The "power struggle" is about Garcia trying to keep hidden any information from new professionals who would as part of their duties look at the books.

Apparently, he can't allow that to happen. So there you go, there's your "power struggle."

Beth Mason is getting off the Garcia-Ruben Ramos Express. She's with Pupie and pushing her toy Timmy.