Stop race-baiting, stop anti-newcomer comments, wake up and smell the diversity
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Dear Editor: All the recent letters screaming about "racism" and accusing people of not being "born and raised in Hoboken" are truly amusing, considering how many "born and raised" types truly behave. "....You! I'm Puerto Rican!!" screamed the jaywalking idiot as he crosses against a red light in front of several moving cars. "I can do whatever I want because I'm Puerto Rican!!! screamed the other idiot who jumped the line at the River Street post office. The post office idiot then told several people to "kiss my a--", "you're mother's a w---e", etc. "Hey, Angelo, you're a fag!! screamed the half dozen chain smoking idiots in front of a Monroe Street Italian social club. "There's too many g----m fags around here! Shake your a--, fag!" To hear accusations of racism coming from a community that behaves like this is beyond amusing. Many of the new arrivals may be Wall Street yuppies, but they at least have enough class not to behave like this. But it's not just Wall Street types who are moving here. More and more gay couples and inter-racial couples can now be seen holding hands on Washington Street, something that was rarely, if ever, seen here pre-gentrification. The new arrivals are bringing a true cultural diversity to Hoboken that I strongly suspect is making the old timers cringe. But who cares how the old timers feel? They are on their way out. And considering the fact that many of them enjoy hiding behind their ethnicity to justify obnoxious behavior, their departure can only be seen as an asset to this lovely town. And they have nothing but their own race-baiting, back stabbing behavior to blame for this attitude. David Alexander
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