Racial harmony more productive than racism
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Dear Editor:
Shame, shame. The black man's life is at stake.We, by ourselves, are eliminating our own black race. We can't just say the cops alone are killing us. We are also guilty of this crime. Look how many have died by the black man's hand. I know some cops have a racist attitude and hate the ground a black man walks on. They were raised in a racist home of bigots. We need to weed them out of the police department.

In Genesis, Chapter 9, Verse 6, it says whosoever sheds a man's blood, by a man shall his blood be shed, for in the image of God made he man, black and white.

This killing has to stop. God is not pleased with man or his cruelty to each other. Wake up white man, wake up black man, there has to be an end to all of this inhumanity to man. Michael Anglin died, Diallo died, just to name a few who were wrongly killed by racist cops. Tell me why you hate us so. We are human; God made us.

How can we call this the land of freedom when all of this is going one. And black man, you stop killing your own. There is no excuse for you. My God, shame on you, you need to pray.

Georgia Collins
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