The Oklahoma bombing is one example of extremism taken artistically
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Dear Editor:

Every human suffers from the artistic instinct. When we create, whether in color or canvass or form an idea in our minds, the picture is really a disclosure of our personal prejudices. While we see it as beauty because it's ours, to others it might be offensive, even ugly. If it's rejected, at the least we'll feel annoyment. If neurosis enters into the picture it becomes at the least resentment, fury, anger, rage and a basis for terrorism. The world becomes evil, painful to live in and correction becomes an obsessive requirement. In conformance with our resources the action taken for reformation can be minor or can take catastrophic form.

The Oklahoma bombing is an example of extremism taken artistically. In the bomber's mind he helped create a world with less evil by reducing the product or assets of an oppressive dispenser of injustice. The government, the world, the devil or someone whose fault it was. In his own warped way he had put into existence a better picture. The artist had presented his masterpiece, and now the world was a better place and easier for him to bear and to live in. He had left a mark that would live forever, a masterpiece everlasting, a Michael Angelo. With such an accomplishment how could anyone ever believe the artist would ever feel any remorse or guilt. Even if he were put to death, he could happily leave a better world having achieved fame. In fact, the motivation, originally, was a death wish. As seen, the world was unbearable. I think he was well aware of the consequences and what better way of making a glorious exit from this hell, man created, than killing two birds with one stone. His exit! Less evil! A better world! An indelible impression! A work of art!

The point: Another poor soul that would rather leave this earth than endure unbearable suffering and pain is the bedridden person that knows he must die but by the greatest ill-fortune, nature will take its course against the sufferer's will. Anyone that could hasten his departure would be seen by him as an "Angel of Mercy." Not only would he welcome a Dr. Kervorkian but if given the button he will, with greatest relief, end his misery with the greatest pleasure.

The death penalty creates the same relief for one on death row. Being deprived of death and the exit from this hell. Being deprived of freedom and kept here and alive like a wild animal, caged forever, is the best way to inflict the greatest suffering on such a misguided soul. This would both send a message that we've become civilized and rejected bloodshed and revenge, and we've served justice by removing permanently a menace to society.

All the discussions of capital punishment have eventually centered on cost in dollars.

How much is the cost of making a better and safer world worth to us? I say it is priceless.

All my life I vehemently supported capital punishment; then I grew up and thought about it seriously. I'm glad I unpainted my masterpiece.

Angelo Nanfro
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