The Stevens proposed project
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Dear Editor:

The new expanded plan to increase Stevens Institute from Engineering into three separate schools (Engineering, Science and Arts, Technology Management) is certainly commendable and will no doubt result in beneficial input into our millennial future!

New dormitories, athletic housing and parking will also be necessary, and the European La Cross Field sounds like a great idea, as well as the Piazza walkway which comes with a promise to be shared by all Hobokenites, students and otherwise. The idea is lovely, as is the half submerged building and landscape for the students and faculty.

Engineers at public meetings have bragged that there are 38 acres available for necessary expansion and pride themselves on thus far designing a spacious and verdant campus and landscaping it all the way to the Hudson.

But pushing the residents of the City of Hoboken to the edge of the envelope by massive proposed construction on 8th and Hudson and other Hoboken streets and walkways should not be allowed nor should our waterfront, which has just been unanimously agreed upon by our city council as recreation only, be targeted for more construction, more ferries or more dormitories or buildings!

Stevens long ago constructed a fence on 8th and Hudson, between the residents and their college. It was and has been for years part of a good neighbor policy. A Tale of Two Cities! Our hope for our City of Hoboken is that they remain good neighbors by keeping their expansion master plan on their own side of the fence and not extending and advancing to our waterfront, our sidewalks and our front and back yards.

Margaret O'Brien
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