Response to Mr. Herrera’s letter
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To the Editor:

In response to Mr. Herrera’s letter about our town, I did some research on this Sunshine Report he mentioned. This report leads back to a website called Ballot Pedia. It is a computerized site that picks up news articles about cities and rates them by the number of news articles written about the particular municipality. There is no person, or group of people behind this site. It makes no mention of the Mayor opening his door to any person in this town daily, and every Tuesday night, for those who don’t have the time to come during the day.

If this is the type of effort you will put into being a councilman, I’d hate to see what our city will be like with you running. Speaking of which, how will you make it to all the council meetings, caucuses and other city functions when you are a student in Washington, D.C. for the next three years? Unless, you own a private jet, do you? Take it from this old timer, try to acquire a job and rise through the ranks to manager, then you can make an argument to why you should be elected to public office.


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October 09, 2013
Since you are so concerned with Dan's education, Let's make a deal. We will release Dan's transcripts when you release your lobbyists. Coincidentally, the city was forced to pay attorney fees for an "unlawful amounts of OPRA requests" that went unanswered. That does coincide with transparency. Or do you want to make another excuse and call it an accident. The reality is whether an accident or not an "unlawful amount" seems a lot larger than one or two simple mistakes and Dan has every right to cal in question the integrity of an administration that isn't even close to transparent.