Stop the disappointment over and over again
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Dear Editor:

Do you ever wonder why the number of parking fines or parking boots issued increase with each passing year? Or why millions of dollars are squandered on no-bid contracts while our streets still flood every time it rains? The answers are in City Hall, where Ruben Ramos spent ten years on the council and Dawn Zimmer spent 2 years on the council and then over four years as Hoboken’s mayor. Dawn Zimmer and Ruben Ramos –along with their political allies – have run our government and collectively had over 13 years to fix our parking and flooding. Our city will never change if we keep electing the same old political machine that has disappointed us over and over again.

This is not the city government that any of us deserve and as your mayor I will run the honest and professional government that you have long been waiting for. My running mates and I will use parking revenue to create more parking for residents and to install the three wet weather pumps required to stop Hoboken’s flooding. We will never embarrass you or put special interests ahead of you because we will only answer to you.

On November 5th, please vote for Tim Occhipinti for Mayor 1J and for the entire One Hoboken Team Frank Raia 5K, Peter Biancamano 6k, and Britney Montgomery Cook 7K for City Council. Together we will stop the divisive politics that continue to hurt our community and create One Hoboken that is inclusive of all the people.

Thank you.
Tim Occhipinti
Candidate for Mayor

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October 28, 2013

Please join Hoboken Housing Authority Resident Advisory board & Tenant Association in our first Mayoral Debate.

WHEN: Wednesday October 30th, 2013

Where: David E. Rue School's Gymnasium

Located @ 301 Garden Street Hoboken

TIME:7:00pm Sharpe!

Hope to see you there!

Of course one possibly two candidates have graciously bowed out. Not to Worry Ruben Ramos will be on hand to answer questions and share his visions for a greater Hoboken...
October 28, 2013
Ramos lead the legislation to change the law from absentee voting where you had to be out of town to use an absentee ballot to vote by mail leading the way for massive voter fraud. Absolutely no controls in place to prevent outright exploitation of the disadvantage people in the Hoboken Housing Project. He is not interested in them. He is interested in the exploitation of them.

He also believes in patronage jobs. His mother was in the Roberts administration doing a job that had no real responsibilities. When asked what the job consisted of, she had nothing to point to as meaningful work. Tripodi laid her off in the aftermath of the 87% tax hike. Miraculously she was rehired in the Cammarano administration only to be let go again when Zimmer took over.

He is a crook and should not hold any office. He is all about giving away stuff to people that vote for him whether it means good government or not.
October 28, 2013

Does the Aristocracy of Hoboken turn A DEAF EAR, AND A BLIND EYE to the less privileged of Hoboken, then out of the LEFT SIDE of their mouth proclaim that they are concerned with all the citizenry of the City? Also mentioning their indifference to us as well. There is an untapped natural resource in Hoboken that is foolishly overlooked by the Aristocracy of Hoboken. Just who is the so called Aristocracy of Hoboken? The Polish, the Italians, The refuse that came here from the work houses, and prisons of Europe in the colonial days of this country? Emigrants all! The only indigenous peoples are the original inhabitants who were viciously rob of this fine land. In 1619 the first Nubian slaves were brought to Virginia. But if the true history of this decadent society were to be told, and face facts the aristocracy who turn their noses up at the so called less privileged namely BLACKS who were once the rulers of this country. Only to be pushed aside and discarded as refuse!

In the Hoboken Housing units there is an untapped natural resource who COULD be doctors that could possibly find cures for Cancer, or invent a better function for or to the computer. Right now as I write this a native son of Hoboken is in the throes of a nonsensical battle to build better housing and save Hoboken money in the long run. His name is Carmelo Garcia. There is always a pearl of encouragement to be found in life’s gritty irritations. Yes this great man has raised himself up out of the dregs, the cesspool of drugs, alcohol and despair of the PROJECTS to become the Executive Director of HHA! Are there more like him? A resounding YES there are! Adversity is the kiln that makes the man strong and resilient. Likewise there is another native son vying for the tainted office of Mayor! I hope he wears a pair of long boots because there is a lot of B.S. he’ll have to wade through! His name is Ruben Ramos. Last but not in the least is Pat Waiters who is vying for city council, and a seat on the board of education. Has their time come? YES! So move over so called Aristocracy it is time for new and fresh visionary native sons and daughters to have their turn!!!

October 27, 2013

The author of this letter speaks of "money squandered on no-bid contracts while our streets" are in poor condition, yet he has sought to steer city engineering business to pay-to-play champions Birdsall Services Group." According to this newspaper:

"The Eatontown-based firm found itself in hot water at the end of March when the state attorney general’s office seized its assets and indicted seven current and former executives on first-degree conspiracy and money-laundering charges. They subsequently pleaded guilty on behalf of the company, agreeing to pay a fine of $1 million and submit to a ten-year ban on public contracts.

Romano and Occhipinti said that they had never met anyone from Birdsall.

Birdsall execs were accused of having made a large number of illegal campaign donations, in part by funneling funds through employees who would attend political fundraisers, in an effort to receive public contracts.

“I’ve done nothing inappropriate,” said Occhipinti, who accepted $300 at a fundraiser in 2010 which, according to the Star-Ledger, originally came from Birdsall."

Mr. Occhipinti voted against initiatives to have Washington Street repaved and was carried into office by the political factions that sought to cover up the theft of $1 million in quarters from the Parking Authority and obstruct reforms of that department to prevent such activity from occurring ever again. His credibility on "parking revenue" and "honest and professional government" is so nonexistent it's almost amusing for him to bring it up.

Further disclaimer:

The author's denouncement of the "same old political machine" is curious given the cast of characters flanking him at his campaign kickoff just three years ago:

As well as at the infamous "midnight meeting" of political operatives in the same election cycle:

Finally, how would the author if this letter make good on his promise to "never embarrass you" and "stop the divisive politics" given his track record of having to be removed by police for disrupting public meetings?

October 27, 2013
How did we get that line millions of dollars no bid contracts in you ask?

You don't pay the Hudson Reporter for ads, our client does!

So stop complaining trying to use the truth as a weapon.

This is Hoboken and we'll lie all we want to.

This election can be bought. We're going to buy everything and everyone who's available. (You'll never guess how many people are available for a cheap price.)

Go Mason One Hoboken Team! We're getting Beth on the second floor at City Hall one way or another.

Thanks to all the HR editors. Keep up the bad work!