A history lesson for James and Jude
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Dear Editor:

In response to a letter to the editor from Republican candidates Jude & James needs clarification. Residents of the 33rd legislative district have seen dramatic shifts in the investment of working class affordable housing. Whether in Hoboken, Jersey City's Gold Coast or other cities throughout North Hudson, market forces are driving housing opportunities away from low and moderate-income families. Therefore, I will always be a staunch advocate of a “Vision 2020“ plan. We fight to preserve the precious melting pot of the city we love not one that divides us but unites. Replacing sixty year old non-ADA compliant buildings with modernized, safe, “Sandy” proof buildings will only help to improve the quality of life.

Nevertheless, while I’m steadfast in my belief that we need an upgrade in our housing stock, I will not tolerate anyone being harassed, threatened, or intimidated over their beliefs or least of all myself for blowing the whistle. I would suggest Jude & James research the matter further before making assumptions or being hypocritical to when it suits them like marching alongside me in the Hispanic day parade and never expressed a concern on the matter.

Here is a history lesson that my opponent has failed to learn. When constituents of a particular race, cultural or ethnic background are deprived, targeted as un-equals because they do not fall into a person’s political agenda that is the true element of trying to “ethnically” cleanse.

Latinos in Hoboken have a long history that cannot be ignored. As a child, my building was set on fire as we jumped out of a three story apartment window to survive and later left us homeless. During this same period, many Latino families were displaced, injured or even killed as a result of arson. Therefore, to see the type of political mean-spirited behavior that targets, or plots to eliminate Hispanics or African-Americans considered to be old guard Hoboken residents through political power-plays is atrocious. I live by a powerful creed "I can, I will, watch me" fight for what is right. So to my opponent, this is not intellectual entertainment for me as it’s part of my roots. I have firsthand experience with the type of malignancy that justifies the usage. I believe this a necessary discourse that residents in Hoboken have begun to engage. As I once read, "admitting there is a problem is the first step to recovery."

So, next time you should be asking an apology from the Tea Party for embarrassing this nation and forgetting who they were hurting by shutting down our government.

With my team our mantra is, “We Can, We Will, Watch Us" serve the people. That is why I truly urge the constituents of the 33rd District to vote for a ticket that includes a pragmatic, inclusive and diverse vision for our district. On Nov. 5th, please vote Brian Stack for Senate, Raj Mukherji and Carmelo Garcia for Assembly. “If not for us, then who, If not now then when”. MG

Carmelo G. Garcia
Assembly candidate

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October 27, 2013
Carmelo Garcia is really messing up everything for our Old Guard Hoboken friends.

We can score millions without him and Vision 20/20.

The scam has been exposed, it's too late.

Professionals in Hoboken won't buy the distraction games when he can't produce a real plan.

He's been repeating the same scam with no plan for months.

When law enforcement comes with the handcuffs, no one will be saying a good work about Mr. Carmelo.