Fear not the bully!!
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Dear Editor:

As a resident, business owner and parent in Hoboken I have a sincere interest in the upcoming election. I've had the opportunity to get to meet the challengers and I appreciate their accessibility. I have tried to meet and speak with other candidates but could never penetrate the gauntlet that surrounds them.

In speaking with other business owners in town there seems to be a hesitation to openly support certain candidates for fear of retaliation, perhaps a lesson learned from the "firing" of Joe Mindak for announcing his candidacy, which is his right to do as an American citizen. The fact that people are afraid to openly and publicly support the candidate of their choice because they may be overlooked for a contract or be otherwise bullied is unfortunate in this democracy. These are the true fundamentals on which this country was founded and the rights we have under the Constitution of The United States, which is the same document these bullies take an oath to uphold and defend.

I strongly encourage everyone, especially business owners not to cower to bullies and to support with all your efforts and resources those you feel are best fit to lead this city.

Paul Fried

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November 03, 2013
bully? you must mean beth mason because I cannot think of anyone else who bullies anyone?