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Dear Editor:

When they come on my TV and bold-faced tell me that the President's briefing wasn't actionable, I can see why Omarosa, (from the Apprentice), likes working with Politicians. They will lie to your face just like her.

When you are told that someone wants to hijack your planes and attack the WTC, again, as well as your Capital, it is a weak defense to say that you can't do anything because they didn't give you a date on the calendar. It becomes a lie when they do the attacks, and suddenly you check the backgrounds of airport security personnel, ban everything down to nail clippers as carry on weapons, fly combat air patrols, give pilots guns and doors that finally keep hijackers out after all these years, pass new legislation curbing our liberties in exchange for security, install a color coded alert system and go to war against the country where Bin Laden is based.

All these, and more, were actions taken to prevent another 9/11, but to my face they say those same actions couldn't have prevented the first 9/11. The President proved that it was "actionable", when he took so many actions, after the fact. When politicians don't learn that it hurts us all more when they lie to us, we show them how actionable that is, on Election Day.

Fritz Haas
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