It’s a matter of public safety!
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Dear Editor:

Approximately 6 months ago I called our Councilman (Mr. Peter Cunningham) in regards to the traffic situation that has been recurring at Fox Hills Gardens (311 13th St.) where I reside.

The traffic on 13th street runs from East to West on including the Fox Hill (Hook) property for residents pickups. Since construction began in our area it has caused traffic to be diverted and many motorists are going against traffic on 13th Street and through the Fox Hill (Hook). As Councilman, Mr. Cunningham has done nothing to date about this situation. So I decided to go before the City Council members and request their assistance with this extremely dangerous situation. I requested that they please intervene to stop motorists disregard for the law.

The day I attended the City Council meeting I questioned Mr. Cunningham about the situation to which he responded was a Hoboken Housing Authority problem and the Housing Authority must remedy the situation.

In reality the on-going war against the Hoboken Housing Authority Executive Director Garcia is the real reason for the Administration and certain Council Members to do nothing to assess and remedy the situation that is occurring on the property.

The residents at Fox Hills are primarily senior citizens and disabled individuals who look to the right where traffic normally enters, and not to the left to the contrary to normal traffic. To compound to the situation you have heavy traffic which consists of regular motorist, trucks, cranes, bulldozers, and cabs at all hour of the night speeding through the Hook of Fox Hills to avoid getting caught.

My question is; must we wait for someone to be hurt or worst killed for the City of Hoboken to take action and stop treating us like a sub-community of Hoboken.

I believe this situation is a matter of Public Safety and not Political Alliance and the Administration should do what’s right and assist in remedying this situation.

Mr. Jaime Figuerora

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