'City hall 'grabbing at straws' once again'!
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Dear Editor:

It seems that the 'raping' of our taxpayers by the 'useful'? street sweeper, and the never-ending 'boot' on our city’s cars and the insane four hour parking limit is not enough to fill the coffers of city hall. Now we are about to get involved in something totally 'novel' re - evaluations of properties and apartments.

This is in the hope that taxes can be raised on the all ready financially 'stressed out people of Hoboken! Personally, I see this as nothing more than forcing older property owners to sell their property so evil non-tax paying developers can move in! These developers get 10 and 20 year 'tax abatements'! This is why our town is constantly financially 'strapped'! The issue of 'tax abatements should be addressed by city hall.

John Heliker

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November 24, 2013
The reval is a state mandated act requiring all municipalities to reevaluate their properties generally no later than 10 years. The last time it was done in Hoboken was in 1988, 25 years ago.

The overall process is tax neutral with some paying more, others less and some the same. If someone bought a property cheap 25 years ago they have been given a "free ride" at the expense of other taxpayers.

There is a senior freeze program to aid that group. I believe that it should be based on need not age, but the law is the law.

PILOT payments are a tool for good and bad. I agree with you that it has been done poorly in the past. There is nothing we can do to until those PILOT's expire. That is why I support Mayor Zimmer who I believe will use them properly. In fact as Council President she spearheaded a resolution that requires not only that the PILOT payment's cost be shown, but what the alternative cost if there was no PILOT as well.