Same lawyers represent Zimmer and Christie official, report says; Mason wants out of legal contract because of it
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HOBOKEN – The same Newark-based law firm represents both sides of the ongoing battle between Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer and the administration of Gov. Christopher Christie over the mayor’s allegations that high-ranking Christie officials threatened to withhold Hurricane Sandy aid unless she approved a development project important to the governor, according to a report on

Krovatin & Klingeman, the firm the Hoboken City Council hired two weeks ago to represent Zimmer during the ongoing investigation by the U.S. Attorney, also represents Christina Genovese Renna, a Christie appointee who stepped down recently after being served a subpoena by a state committee investigating lane closures on the George Washington Bridge, said the report.

Gerald Krovatin is representing Zimmer while his partner, Henry Klingeman, is representing Renna. In a letter to the city’s attorney, Krovatin said that “out of an abundance of caution,” he and Klingeman will not share any documents or knowledge with each other.

But 2nd Ward Councilwoman Beth Mason, a frequent critic of Zimmer, said she is concerned that the relationship between Krovatin and Klingeman creates a conflict of interest for the city, and that she is uncomfortable with providing confidential documents to Krovatin as long as Klingeman is representing Renna.

“Given Ms. Renna certainly would have a substantial interest in learning what information the mayor and/or other officials of the city have in this matter, the conflict of interest seems readily apparent,” she said in a letter to the city’s corporation counsel, Mellissa Longo.

Longo stated at a Wednesday night council meeting that she would issue a formal response to Mason in the coming week and provided Krovatin’s letter, which argued that because Renna is subpoenaed in the lane closure investigation, while Zimmer is involved in a separate investigation, the pair are not at odds, therefore precluding the existence of any conflict. - Dean DeChiaro

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February 08, 2014
seriously ms. mason? uh, who cares? how about concentrating on the 2nd ward?? (you know the ward you are supposed to represent?) interesting that you had no press release when michael and david barry continued their legal battle with the city over the development of the monarch buildings...we the residents of the 2nd ward are very much looking forward to the election in 2015 as we will finally elect someone who will represent the interests of the 2nd ward residents as you have failed miserably in this regard.