Do not be fearful. People need to step up and speak up.
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To the Editor:

I would like to say “thank you” to every person that I have met over the course of the last couple of months. It means a lot to me even if we exchanged pleasantries. Even though the weather has not been cooperative the last month, I have been doing my best to set up small meet and greets at local shops and I have been going door to door to meet more and more new friends and their families. This is only the beginning.

If there is one feeling that I have found to be consistent in this town, it is fear. I am trying to understand it but I think it is truly a shame when I find that most City workers, teachers, and business owners alike are fearful. These individuals were actually fearful for their jobs and businesses, if they signed my petition. I mean, what happened to freedom of speech. If I only chose to read the papers and the press releases from City Hall, one would think Mayor Smith is a great leader, and most of the people who work for him are genuinely happy. The truth is, from what I hear, the Mayor runs his administration like a bully. If that is true, then most people who work for the City aren’t happy because fear eventually deteriorates performance. Fear based and ego based leaders are eventually forced out. No one person should live or work in fear.

I believe that the obvious is right in front of all of us. Bayonne needs new faces, fresh voices and someone, like me who will be upfront, honest and fight all the citizens of Bayonne.

I have zero connections to anyone political and my only connection will be with the people. Yes, I may be only running for councilman, but I believe in compromise for the betterment of Bayonne and its citizens. I may be only one voice but I aim to be the voice of the people and what the people tell me will be voiced loud and clear. I see a positive future for our town but not with a bully and rubber stamp council in city hall.

I look forward to the coming weeks as I will be expanding upon my ideas and positive vision for Bayonne and I urge all who would like to even play a small part to share with me your ideas. It’s not hard to figure out the problems that Bayonne has. The wool has been pulled over all of our eyes for way too long. We, the People must step up to the plate and fight to remove the Bully Administration. We, the People deserve Better. This town needs elected officials who truly put people first and put politics on the back burner. The choice is yours May 13th. Feel free to contact me at


Candidate for Council at Large

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