Flyers regarding Mayor Smith
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To the Editor:

A few weeks prior to the flyers being found around Bayonne regarding Mayor Smith and the number of family members he supposedly has on the city payroll, I received a telephone call from a woman saying that she was doing a survey. The person asked me if anyone I was related to was an elected or appointed official in Bayonne. When I asked them why they wanted this information they hung up. Someone or someone’s appointee involved in this election is using smear tactics and it stinks to high heaven. Hudson County is known for its dirty politics and it’s unfortunate that the mudslingers have found their way into this city.

Steve Gallo is my nephew and has worked diligently and honestly for this city. Steve worked for three previous mayors and was always ready to relinquish his position with each newly elected official only to be told that his services were valued and needed. It infuriates me that “unknown” people are spreading such malicious lies about someone who spends countless hours at his post, taking on responsibilities that others would shun. Both Mayor Smith and Steve Gallo are fine men who deserve to be treated with the respect they’ve earned. This election should be about issues affecting our city and not a campaign to defile the opponent’s character and reputation with outlandish fabrications.


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