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Dear Editor:

Spring is finally here and I am glad. It seems that with the change of season comes a chance for some ideas to come up, here are some that I would like to share:

Property re-valuation in Hoboken: To quote Vincent Aurora 's letter in the April 6, 2014 Edition: "Appraisal Systems Inc.'s property value evaluations are scandalously overinflated, arbitrary and disconnected with reality." This sentence alone makes me very sympathetic with property owners. It also makes me very suspicious on how this company does its job. It greatly worries me that they can self-review their re-valuation when it is appealed. When they file their appeal, property owners must be allowed to have another independent company review said re-valuations, but then again this must cost a lot to do. I wonder if it was at all possible to have had an independent company, meaning not paid by the City of Hoboken, to have done this re-valuations.

Since it is all said and done, I urge all property owners to carefully study their re-valuations, to appeal them or to find a way to have an independent company review it. Remember, it’s your hard earned money.

Two letters touched on a question that I constantly find wonderful answers. The question is: What makes Hoboken such a great place? The letters from Gloria Reis and Cheryl Fallick underscore the simple fact that one of the most important aspects of Hoboken that we all should vigorously preserve is the city's character or for lack of a better word, its soul. It can be seen in the Lackawanna Clock Tower by the Hoboken terminal, the finger pointing sign that's still located on the same building of the original Clam Broth house or the shaded pavilion in the center of Church Square Park. These beautiful structures and others can easily be found and admired when one is having a long, slow stroll around town. Cheryl Fallick perfectly says it: "...we cannot abandon history."

I was so disappointed when the W Hotel built their structure as high as it did but then again it helped to make the waterfront and Hoboken's profile attractive. But I believe that if enough people came together and all sides (residents, business owners, developers, politicians) are willing to compromise, we will be able to come up with a plan that will benefit all. These important structures, from the humble brownstone home to our beloved Hoboken Public Library are worth saving and preserving.

Letters from Hugh Reilly and Elmer Leighton made me think of a vegetarian diet. I can never do this diet, but Noah having to save the plants, seeds, and animals before the great flood and the warmer weather we're having encourages one to eat more fruits and vegetables and less meat. Now that inspires me to continue improving my diet.

As to T. Weed's complain about the new trash bins, I have not used them yet but I will definitely be very careful when I do. Or maybe I'll just skip them and just use a shopping bag to put my trash in and then get rid of it once I get home. Ooops, is this being too paranoid?

Respectfully yours,
Maria Theresa L. Rivera-Bartletta

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