We need new ideas
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To the Editor:

Tonight I was contacted by a polling group to ask my opinion on the upcoming mayoral race in Bayonne.  The questions asked were surprisingly similar to the mailing I received today attacking Jim Davis.  And there was one very unfair question, asking me for my nationality, "Irish, Italian, Polish, and Spanish (none of the above).”

What difference does it make what my nationality is?  Who dares drag nationality into question?

I am sure this survey was funded by supporters of the current mayor of Bayonne.  One need not look too far to see the nepotism and favoritism that permeates the public institutions in Bayonne to know that Mark Smith wants only yes men around him.    Everything public and political in Bayonne smacks of including favorite people and excluding everyone else. Mr. Smith's emphasis is on disenfranchising everyone except the largest businesses and richest people.  Look at the number of small businesses that have shuttered their doors and the shrinking tax base.  My taxes have almost doubled since I purchased my home in 2002, how about yours?  We used to have street cleaning—no longer.  We used to give summer jobs to youth to paint around town—no longer.  We used to have people who were proud to retire here—no longer. 

How about the small businesses?  A lot of them are pressured to make donations they can't afford to various local events.  We need fresh ideas about creating a revenue stream for Bayonne to keep the community vital and alive.

We need new ideas in city hall.  Mark Smith has none.  We need new people in office in order to have new ideas.  I don't think it will matter who will win the mayor's race, as long as it is someone new. Don't say things can't change!   Please make your voices heard on Election Day, May 13.


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