Not all seniors play bingo
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Dear Editor:

There was a time when Hoboken had a lot of different activities for the senior citizens, besides bingo. There was knitting, crocheting and horticultural classes at the Senior Center. They had a St. Patrick’s Day party, a Christmas party that was given by the city, but recently has been given by Empire Real Estate. Thank you Empire Real Estate. The Senior Prom, which is coming soon. There was live music at the Christmas party, which the seniors love to dance to. The last Christmas party the city had some school children playing their instruments. While they were very good, it was not dance music. No charge to the city I bet.

They used to have luncheons and other trips, which we paid for, that were really great, besides the monthly Atlantic City trips, which we also pay for. There was music, singing, usually a comedian, and great food at the luncheons. The seniors were happy to get away for a half day.

Now, while there is bingo four days, and one evening a week, which the seniors also pay for, and one hour a week for yoga, (which the participants were promised a room out of the view of everyone who walks in the center, some snickering.) Where’s the room? Tai Chi upstairs 1 hour a week. Oh, and ping pong. Ping pong for seniors????

Now, a week ago I went on a luncheon trip with the Weehawken Weekenders. It was great! We paid for that trip also, which we should. They treated us very nicely. Weehawken is very kind to their seniors.

I hear they give them parties for all different holidays. Thank you for your wonderful trips and welcoming us to come with the Weehawken Weekenders. Kathy who runs the Senior Center there, is wonderful.

I have called Director Pelligrini a few times, but he’s never available, and while I am told he will call back, he never does. Not just for me, but to all of the seniors who I talked to. I’ve also emailed him. No answer. I even went to City Hall once to see if he was there. He wasn’t. Was that just to me.

I watched the budget meeting on Cable TV, and he said “at the Senior Center all is fine,” There are activities there every day. He means there is bingo there every day. I wonder why you bought t-shirts and mugs for the seniors down there, but don’t think of the seniors who don’t play bingo. I keep hearing the city has no money. Where did that money come from?

Oh and where is the heat? The seniors and workers are cold.

So, I must say to you, not all seniors play bingo. I do at times, but there are many seniors in Hoboken who have retired, and are now looking for some activities to do, such as luncheons and trips, which we are willing to pay for. I could go on and on, but enough for now.

Judith Willis

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