State senator reportedly says car booting practices in Hoboken are against state law
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WHAT'S IT ALL A-BOOT, ALFIE? Has booting cars in Hoboken gone too far?
WHAT'S IT ALL A-BOOT, ALFIE? Has booting cars in Hoboken gone too far?
HOBOKEN -- In recent articles in the Hoboken Reporter and Star Ledger, residents and visitors to Hoboken have complained about what they see is excessive punishment for parking in the wrong place. The city also has not remedied an issue of confusing signage that various town officials pledged to look into back in 2011.

Now, according to a new Star-Ledger column, written by conservative columnist Paul Mulshine, a state senator says that booting cars simply for parking in the wrong place is against state law.

As noted a Hoboken Reporter cover story noted three weeks ago, the city has been able to take in an extra $1 million in ticket fees over the previous year.

In the column this weekend, Monmouth County Assemblyman Declan O'Scanlon reportedly provided that newspaper with a copy of state statute 39:4-139.13 that states that a town can boot a car "if there are any outstanding warrants against the vehicle.” But Hoboken routinely boots cars for parking in a resident spot when they are not residents, or for not having the right permit.

The column says that in response to questions, city spokesman Juan Melli sent a statement on behalf of Mayor Dawn Zimmer saying “The city of Hoboken is currently conducting a comprehensive review of our parking policies and procedures.” According to the column, the mayor added, “I am not sure why a state legislator from South Jersey is providing commentary on issues unrelated to his position …”

It was unclear whether any statute actually says towns can't boot cars for violating local parking laws; watch for followup.

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Hoboken visitor
May 20, 2014
I was booted for parking on the wrong side of the street a few weeks ago with no other violation before. The signage on the street is definitely clearly not written that they will boot and give you a violation at the same time. If others want to sue the city of Hoboken, count me in.
May 19, 2014
well this is interesting article, but lets be clear, Hoboken has been booting cars way before mayor zimmer was in office (i know this as I was booted maybe 10 years ago or more) is kind of strange this guy is bringing up this issue (gee I wonder if he got a political donation from beth mason) dont get me wrong, the city should revisit this policy and maybe it should be changed but its not like mayor zimmer suddenly instituted this policy as the senator seems to be accusing?