Hudson County just raised Hoboken’s taxes by 14.5 percent!
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Dear Editor:

Last Thursday evening, the Hudson County Board of Freeholders approved a $512 million budget that raised Hoboken’s County taxes by 14.5 percent. The biggest piece of the Hoboken tax bill has gone up 14.5 percent.

Before the freeholders voted, I took the microphone and spoke out against this budget as unfair to Hoboken’s residents. I believe that the freeholders need better tools at their disposal to get Hudson County’s spending under control. I called for the budget to include funding for a top-to-bottom independent performance audit of all county operations to give us a road map to identify inefficiencies so we can reduce spending without reducing services.

People whose families have lived in Hoboken for generations fear that they can’t afford to stay. People who hoped to raise their families here and retire here fear they must leave the city they love.

Hudson County’s leaders think raising the tax levy each year from 3 percent to 5 percent, as it has done for the last 5 years, is okay. It’s not okay. Hoboken’s residents need Hudson County’s leaders to go back to the drawing board for next year’s budget and deliver us a flat levy.

Enough is enough.

Phil Cohen

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August 05, 2014
Someone needs to calculate the de facto tax paid to Hoboken for illegal towed and attorney fees for resisting a democratic process as well as discrimination. The intangible cost of the destruction of the fabric of this community also has to be factored in.
July 07, 2014
You would think that with all the money Hoboken taxpayers give the County that at very least they could maintain the County roads and Columbus park.

Basic things like painting lane lines would be nice on Observer Highway Assemblyman.