BREAKING: Bayonne High School officials investigating possible cheating scandal among top students
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BAYONNE – Although details are still sketchy, several school officials confirmed with the Reporter newspapers on Friday that they are looking into allegations that some of the top students at Bayonne High School cheated on some of their tests.

Three separate sources report that an investigation is underway. One source said this may affect some of the highest academic achievers in the current graduating class.

“We’re still getting information,” said a board member.

School Superintendent Dr. Patricia McGeehan confirmed on Friday afternoon that a probe is underway and that a student has been suspended. As of now, the allegations are just allegations.

Several sources said the problem may have involved the use of a smart phone to transmit test answers.

The issue has the potential to undermine one of the most prestigious graduating rituals in the Bayonne Public Schools, the Circle of Ten, in which the top 10 students in the class are feted.

Mayor James Davis responded to inquires saying, “This is why I pushed for an elected school board, so that there would be accountability.” (The first elected school board was just seated in January.)

McGeehan, however, said the there was no direct breach in the security of the test. But she said it underlined the problems associated with technology.

“We try to teach our children the appropriate use of technology,” McGeehan said. “We are very aggressive in promoting technology to prepare our students for the 21 st Century. But there is another side to it. Every student has a device.”

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March 08, 2016
Schools such as the one above tend to blame the situation on the students. They look to different ways to cover up the event and "take aggressive action" instead of finding out the cause of the actual issue.

Ask yourself something...Why would HONORS students cheat?

-They are crammed with TONS of homework, essays, and tests. It is extremely difficult to complete hours of homework and successfully complete tests the next day. Every class they take has its own set of demanding work.

-Some teachers believe "Honors" means they don't have to teach, many of them don't offer extra credit.

-They are constantly under pressure to have high grades. Most of them are probably going to be applying to top level colleges, they need the grades

-The general concept of "peer pressure". The atmosphere they are placed in is highly competitive, no one wants to feel like they are not good enough.

There are many more reasons why students cheat, some reasons more understandable than others. However, I urge school districts to please take into consideration how YOU can make it easier of honors students, and less how you can THREATEN them.

-Thank You
February 27, 2016
What a wealth hole the local Democrats have established with this so called school. They are missing millions.