Alcohol and testosterone are a bad brew
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Dear Editor:

Re: Marilyn Baer’s Feb. 19 article in the Reporter about sexual assault of women by young men after drinking in Hoboken’s bars. Never mind that a well brought up young man can drink himself silly, and never even think of assaulting a female, but role models for today’s young men are predatory military and political leaders who assault and rape weaker countries, take what they want, and justify it behind a flag and a parade. So what can we expect of today’s young men, fueled by raging testosterone and alcohol mixed with bad moral example and the degrading 24/7 sexploitation by Hollywood and Media.

The ancient Mediterranean world, from Judea to Greece to Rome, wiser than we, had Temple Prostitutes, or sacred prostitution, purpose of which was to discourage adultery and protect the local wives and daughters from not well brought up out-of-towners. In addition to this safeguard, there flourished the oldest profession, legal and licensed, all over the ancient world. Women were not forced into these roles. There were always some willing, for various reasons, to sell their sex, money being the most obvious, same as today where prostitution is legal or illegal.

In Texas, where I was (well) brought up, the Mexican border was not that far away, and young men would sometimes drive there. Not that a good boy like me would indulge in such sinful (but legal) activity, but some of us did. None of those young men ever assaulted a female. Eventually, each one got married and raised a family. And worried about young men with no moral compass assaulting their daughters.

T. Weed

P.S. Were I in charge of such things, any man who forced himself on a woman would find himself overnight a eunuch, brought about by surgical intervention.

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