Raia sounds infrastructure alarm
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Dear Editor:

Recently, I sounded the alarm about our city’s decaying infrastructure when a sinkhole developed on Willow Street, causing the pavement to collapse and an SUV to fall through the street.

Now, the Port Authority has informed us that Pier A Park, famously described by CBS Television News as “Hoboken’s Beautiful Waterfront Park,” is in danger of collapsing into the Hudson River. Over 1,000 steel pilings that support Pier A are already decaying after just twenty years of use as a park.

The City Council is rightly rushing to address this issue with a last minute $5.3 million dollar bond approval. While I am glad that they have taken action, the pertinent question must be asked. Where has the Zimmer Administration been until now?

In 2009, a portion of Frank Sinatra Park collapsed into the river, causing the soccer field to be closed for repairs...for over 3 years!

The Zimmer Administration should have learned from their past inactivity and lackluster response to this matter. Why weren’t all such properties along the waterfront checked for potential structural failures at that time?

The residents of Hoboken know that Pier A is a great place to jog, or take their dog for a walk, or even just sit and view the Manhattan skyline. Our city’s residents are not asking for too much, just competency and concern from their local officials.

It is time to put the needs, and the safety, of the people of Hoboken first.

Frank Raia

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April 02, 2017
Who ever wrote the letter for Frank Raia ( if you know Frank you know it is true) forgot to mention that the maintenance for Pier A is contractually the responsibility of the waterfront developers and New Jersey Transit. The bonding the City Council did was to make sure the work got done quickly, as NJT has not shown up to meetings to make funding official. The City will get reimbursed . There is many millions in the fund to cover the costs but the NJT is playing games again. Could they be looking to pressure the City into bigger variances on the train yard property ?

Perhaps who ever is writing these letters for Raia who pick pick a topic that doesn't keep backfiring in his face.
April 02, 2017

PS: This issue was discussed in detail, in front of the City Council, before the voted on passing the funding.