by Mike Lynch
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: In high school volleyball, when a set begins the first server on the receiving team (R) is in the right front (RF) position. True or False?

ANSWER: True. Following loss of rally by the serving squad (S), players on, Team (R), receiving squad rotate clockwise one position; hence, right front(RF) rotates to right back(RB) slot and becomes server. (Rule 6, Sec. 4, Art. 1 & 4).

QUESTION: Team (S), serving squad, has the required six (6) players to start the first set of the match. During the set a player on Team (S) becomes injured and cannot continue. No substitutes are available. Can the game continue with only five (5) players? Is the set awarded to opponent Team (R)?

ANSWER: Game continues as Team (S) is allowed to play with five players. A loss of rally / point awarded to opponent each time the vacant position rotates into right back (RB) serving slot. (Rule 1, Sec. 3, Art. 3).

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