Beautiful people minus one
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TNA Wrestling was forced to release one of its most popular wrestlers this past week because of work visa issues. Angelina Love of the Beautiful People was let go last week, much to the surprise of many backstage. Love was told to take care of the issue in recent months, but when no action was taken TNA reportedly felt that having her on the roster was a legal liability.

The WWE was forced to suspend Rey Mysterio for a month after a failed drug test. Mysterio, a repeat offender, was forced to lose on television after voicing his displeasure in a recent radio interview. Mysterio reportedly felt that he failed the test because of a mix-up with a supplement he had taken. The McMahons do not like when a wrestler publicly attacks their wellness policy.

For all of you TNA fans who DVR the show and ended up missing out a couple weeks ago, you are not alone. TNA changed the title of the show in the listings, causing us DVR freaks to miss out on the action. That episode of “Impact” pulled in a year-low 0.9 rating, and TNA is hoping that the DVR issue helped cause this.

The WWE has bagged itself a good wrestler, courtesy of the new promotion, “Ring of Honor.” Nigel McGuinness, who held the title in ROH for over 350 days straight, agreed in principle to a contract with the WWE two weeks ago. There’s no telling how the WWE will use McGuinness, but he is a solid wrestler with pretty good mic skills. So the sky is the limit…well I guess the WWE inept writers is the limit.

That last line was written with the “Price is Raw” episode last Monday night that featured Bob Barker. Now, at what point is Bob Barker relevant today? He isn’t. He used to host the “Price is Right”…key words are “used to.” Thirteen years ago, he was in a movie with Adam Sandler and it was funny. That was 13 years ago. The WWE is spoon-feeding their fans terrible show after terrible show.

TNA presents “No Surrender” this week. The show is hosted from Orlando, Fla., and will be headlined by a world title match with Kurt Angle, Sting, A.J. Styles, and Matt Morgan going at it in a four-way. TNA is on a youth movement. They want to get their young stars to become established stars. Will they finally put the title on one of their younger stars? A.J. Styles has a good chance to walk away with it.

In another match for “No Surrender,” Bobby Lashley will be making his much anticipated return to the ring vs. Rhino. Rhino has been made to look pretty strong over the past month leading to this match, but do not look for him to last more than five minutes against the returning Lashley. If TNA wants Lashley’s run to be a success, it has to be Goldberg-like. Have him come in, hit some huge moves, and wipe the floor with competitors. Do this for a couple months and, as DDP would say, “bang,” you have a top star.

Something caught the Sixshooter’s eye the other day while watching “Raw.” It was Cody Rhodes. Yes, that’s correct…Cody Rhodes. His passion with Randy Orton was something he has never shown before, in and out of the ring. To be honest, I did not think he had it in him. But he showed he has some promise. Now if he could only get put into a decent storyline that showcases him and not Randy Orton.

Mr. Kennedy’s no-compete clause with the WWE ended last week. Look for him to show up possibly as soon as this Sunday on TNA. Another face that might be debuting soon is that of Candice Michelle. With Angelina Love departing, look for TNA to quickly strike a deal with Michelle to replace her.

That is all for this month, Sixshooter-a-holics. Make sure to check me out daily over at The Sixshooter was unable to get a screening of the “Rise and Fall of WCW” DVD this month, but look for a review in next month’s article. As the great Jesse the Body Ventura used to say, "Dusty Rhodes wouldn't win a bodybuilding contest for best abs…he'd win for most abs."

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