The 'Guidos' are coming! But is that term offensive?
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STATEWIDE -- TV websites are abuzz with talk of MTV's forthcoming reality show "Jersey Shore," which MTV proudly proclaims in their ads is about "Guidos" at the Jersey Shore. This completes a trifecta of Jersey-based reality shows on cable TV about sometimes very angry people of Italian descent, including the Real Housewives of New Jersey, and Cake Boss. Here, for instance, is what Joel Keller of TV Squad has to say about this:

What I don't understand is where reality TV's recent fascination has been with the louder residents of the Garden State.

First it was Housewives. Then it was Cake Boss, where Buddy Valastro and his crew scream and gesture so much it's a wonder how their cakes don't collapse in the oven. Even TLC's relatively gentle Masters of Receptionseemed to highlight the more "Jersey" aspects of my home state.

Now we have Jersey Shore, an MTV reality series premiering December 3. It documents goings on last summer in a shore house with the "hottest, tannest, craziest Guidos," according to this particularly annoying promo.

Is "Guido" an acceptable term, or is it offensive? Will you watch the show? What do you think?

Here, by the way, is the seminal "Guido" story that appeared in the Washington Post six years ago and was quite popular around the region. It documents Anthony Moussa ("The Moo"), the owner of a NJGuidos website, who loves to slick up his hair and show off his pecs at the clubs at Seaside Heights.

What hath Moo wrought?

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November 24, 2009
We should aboid being offensive, where possible.
November 24, 2009
Can't we all be nice?
November 24, 2009
This is tragic
November 20, 2009
Just hang out at one of the bars by the Path Train in Hoboken every weekend. You can see Guidos of every shape and size.
November 19, 2009
i think it's an offensive term because of what it connotes.
Terri Berriolianinni
November 15, 2009
guido is not offensive but guidette is.
November 15, 2009
Unfortunately Joey, if you spend any time around here you meet plenty of people that fit the stereotype, and they are worthy of tv. Nevertheless I agree that it is offensive.
November 14, 2009
yes, it is offensive. these shows like sopranos are making italians look bad.

why dont they do a show about bradley beach?