It’s a zombie world after all
Independent film shot in Bayonne
by Al Sullivan
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THE ZOMBIES AMONG US – Bayonne natives play roles in a new movie about zombie fans.
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Blaming George Romero isn’t a film about zombies, although filmmaker Brad Resnick and the film’s writer, Sam Platizky, are die hard fans of zombie movies.

The film is about people just like themselves, fans of zombie and other horror flicks who at a particular moment in time seem to blur the line between fiction and reality, and conclude that there really are zombies. These fans will need to take quick steps if they expect to survive the invasion.

The film stars Bayonne natives Sam Platizky, Dan Gregory, Loarina Gonazalez, and Robert Lise,and it is being shot in Bayonne.

Sam David (played by Platizky) shambles through his life miserably. Unhappy with his job and his lot in life, Sam seeks escape through video games and movies – more specifically, zombie movies.

Resnick describes his creation as “funny and horrible,” and in a strange way, a coming of age movie for four horror film fanatics.

“They would actually prefer to live in a world filled with the undead,” he said. “The journey these characters take is one of self discovery and about the nature of life.”

“A lot of people go through their lives aimlessly like zombies.” – Brad Resnick

Platizky, who is also the writer and producer of the film, recently starred in the web series pilot, Paris!, and the musical film The Mashal Man. He has worked on several large films and TV shows, including HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, Julie & Julia, and I Am Legend, and has also appeared off-off-Broadway.

A graduate from New Jersey City University, he worked on numerous productions there as well. While he has written several screenplays over the years, Blaming George Romero is the first that has been produced.

While as low budget as most independent films are, the project is making use of a new trend for fundraising via the Internet that allows the filmmakers to post the details of the film on the Web and draws those interested in investing in the film.

Help from Bayonne

The film is being created by residents of Bayonne and funded entirely by a new online phenomenon called “crowd funding.” Instead of filmmakers needing big studios or investors with huge pockets, friends, family, and especially strangers can help support projects they believe in by donating.

“This has been a great new way for artists and filmmakers to bring their projects to fruition,” said Resnick. “It’s such an easy process. People can donate as little as $10, and in return, they get a gift relating to their level of commitment. We’ve been offering anything as simple as email updates, to t-shirts, to invitations to the wrap party.”

“I’ve always loved the idea of the zombie genre,” Platizky said. “But the truth is, if you look at it from a philosophical point of view, a lot of people go through their lives aimlessly like zombies – so consumed, that they don’t live. That’s a big part of what the movie represents. Not being a zombie.”

Platizky said he wrote parts for the main characters partly with specific actors in mind. But for some of the other roles, he and Resnick simply brought in talented people they knew.

He said he also pictured the city of Bayonne when writing the work as well. The film’s locations also include Jersey City and other places outside Hudson County.

“We used the zombie theme as a jumping-off point, even though they feel they are in a horror movie,” he said.

He said the shooting is nearly complete and he hopes to market the film to a variety of major film festivals once editing is complete.

“We would like to do a local screening, maybe at Frank’s [Family Theater] if we can work out the details,” he said, hoping to have the editing complete by October or November.

Resnick said the internet funding allows people to contribute at various levels, and he said contributors have varied from family and friends to strangers.

“David Lynch has been using this approach,” he said.

Some major investors even surf these sites looking for young talent in which to invest.

First feature

Total film time is expected to run between 90 to 100 minutes.

“This my first feature length film, though I have done some shorts,” he said, praising the script and the strong supporting cast.

He said if there is a theme to the film, it has to do with human nature.

“Some people just go through life just going through the motions,” he said. “But people should look at what is important to them and not go through life as a zombie.”

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